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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips: Part 2

Christmas is just around the corner, and you’ve probably already put your tree up. If not, don’t miss these handy Christmas tree decorating tips PART 2! (How To Decorate A Christmas Tree Part 1 is a must see!)

  • Contemporary Christmas Tree1. Use Garlands In New Ways. Try cascading garland, ribbon, mesh and/or beads vertically down the tree instead of looping them around horizontally.
  • 2. Color-oriented. One great way to use an eclectic mix of ornaments with style is by choosing ornaments that are the same color. For instance, lots of different styles of ornaments in all-red.
  • 3. Match Your Style. Choose a tree and ornaments in styles and colors to match that of your already-existing home decor. For instance, a shabby-chic home might choose all-natural and vintage ornaments and tree styles.
  • 4. Memory Lane. Collect ornaments for important life occasions, vacations, and for any other special memories. Each year at Christmas, your family can revisit these memories while putting up the tree.
  • 5. Christmas Critters. Choose clip-on doves or owls, wooden squirrels, and other little critters to add some friendly faces to your tree.
  • 6. Going Overboard. If you simply cannot cram one more ornament onto your tree, use them throughout your home as easy Christmas decor.
  • 7. Choose Your Metal. Most Christmas decor themes need at least one metal in order to enhance the glow of the season. Choose from gold, silver, bronze, rustic dark, and many others. Use in garlands and decor.
  • 8. Fragile at the Top. Hang fragile or special ornaments at the top so kids or pets won’t be as likely to knock them off.
  • 9. Unbreakable Tree. If you have curious pets or excitable children, you might consider an unbreakable theme. Create homemade ornaments out of paper, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, sticks, etc. to hang on your tree. If it gets knocked over, no need to worry about glass ornaments or heirlooms.
  • 10. Matchy-Matchy. Go one step further and wrap all of your presents to match your tree’s theme. You’ll look like a regular Martha Stewart!

And if you want to make it even easier, simply contact your local florist. They can assist you in anything from choosing ornaments and colors to putting it up for you, but you better hurry!

And don’t forget to check out PART 1!

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