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Identify These Pinnate Oval Scalloped Leaves

Ask the Expert: What is the name of this plant/flower?

Pinnate Leaves & Blooms

Pinnate Leaves & Blooms

The growth habit is erect.  It’s leaves are pinnate, in an alternate arrangement, they are oval, scalloped, have an uneven base and a blunt tip.  I live in zone 3, southern Alberta Canada.  Shelly

Plant Expert Reply:

Can you tell me a little more about this plant.  I am having trouble
identifying it.  It could be Agastache (hyssops) or Sanguisorba (burnet) or something in the mint family.  Does it have a scent? Are they growing in a high and dry environment or a low boggy environment?  In sun or shade?  The bloom-like structure in the picture – fresh or a spent bloom?

Once I get the answers to these questions, I should be able to pinpoint the


  1. It has no real scent. It is growing in a regular flower bed, nothing
    special, gets regular waterings with the rest of my flowers. It is in
    full-sun/part-shade getting about five to six hours of direct sun at the
    height of summer. The bloom in the picture is fresh, it is perfect for this
    plant, as good as it produces.

    I hope this helps. If you have any more questions just ask I really
    appreciate you taking the time to help me like this.


  2. Since the plant has no real scent, I am ruling out Agastache or anything in the mint family. My best guess is that it is a type of Sanguisorba (burnet). I think it is either Sanguisorba (Canadian burnet), Sanguisorba hakusanensis or Sanguisorba officinalis (Greater burnet). I wish i had a more definitive identification. Maybe a picture of the entire plant would help or maybe another blog reader will know what it is.

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