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In Bloom: Autumn

Flowers are beautiful all year round, but some flowers are more easily found during certain seasons than others. Here are some of our favorite flowers that bloom during the autumn season!


Resembling a cross between a daisy and a dahlia, zinnias make for a stunning addition to any fall bouquet! Originating from Mexico and the Americas, they are known for their endurance and symbolize the thoughts of friends. Plus, they’re non-toxic to cats, dogs, and horses, making them perfect for pet-friendly homes!



One of the most common flowers in the world, snapdragons have been around since the Roman empire. They symbolize grace and strength and were used by the Romans and Greeks as protection from witchcraft. Available in various colors, they’re sure to bring some autumn vibes into your home!



Sunflowers are a popular flower all around the world! Originally found in North America, these flowers were used as a food source, commonly grinding their seeds into flour used to make bread. These bright and beautiful blooms bring a ray of sunshine to anyone who receives them!



Also known as the Peruvian lily, alstroemeria looks like a miniature lily! Native to South America, their leaves are upside down with no explanation of why and come in almost every color imaginable except shades of blue and green. These beauties are sure to bring a smile to any face!



A fall favorite, chrysanthemums are hardy, making them perfect for the cooler autumn months! They’re so popular that Japan holds a National Chrysanthemum Day annually, referred to as the Festival of Happiness. Bring some happiness to your home with some beautiful mums!



Believed to be the oldest flowering plant, magnolias appeared before bees evolved. It’s theorized that they evolved to encourage pollination by beetles. They are available in white, yellow, pinkish, purple, and green, making them a perfect addition to any fall bouquet!



Native to the Northern Hemisphere, delphinium symbolizes cheerfulness and goodwill! It gets its name from the Greeks, who thought the new flower bud resembled a dolphin’s nose. Available in various colors, add cheerfulness to your home with some delphinium!


All of these flowers are sure to make stunning additions to any arrangements you send! A local florist is ready to help you create something spectacular for the autumn season.

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