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Decorate, Don’t Procrastinate!

Now that Thanksgiving is in our rearview mirror, it’s time to look ahead to Christmas!

Don’t Wait When Preparing for Christmas

No holiday is more important when it comes to early planning than Christmas Day. It has been estimated that over 95% of the US population celebrates Christmas. That means for every outside vendor you need to use in planning your Christmas party, you are competing with everyone in town for their business! It’s important to get started early and make sure you get your name on the list. There is no time or space for lollygagging. When it comes to your Christmas celebration, you want it done right!

Peppermint Posies Yuletide Basket

And done right means contacting your local florist! Many florists offer full-service decoration for your home or business wherein they will both provide and arrange all your decorating for you! Did you know that? I mean, these people don’t just come in and toss a few decorations around, they make your place look like a Christmas palace!

As impressive as this service is, it’s also very time consuming. It often takes multiple employees to do a single home, and the decoration can take hours. That means that florists will only have so many time-slots open for this sort of thing, and if you don’t schedule yours RIGHT NOW, you may not get in at all! And believe me, you want to have this done. If impressing your friends and family matters, this how you do it.

Christmas Flowers, Wreaths and Poinsettias

Flowers, wreaths and poinsettias are always in high demand around Christmas! After all, wouldn’t you like gorgeous poinsettias lining the walk to your front door, placed majestically on your front porch or stoop, beautifully crafted wreaths adorning your doorways,  as well as magnificent floral arrangements and centerpieces sprinkled around your house? Of course you would! And that means you need to contact your local florist immediately!

Waiting until the last possible moment to place your order is never a good idea. The end result could be vastly limited options or possibly no options at all! Nobody wants that. Early orders make things easier for both you and your florist. The resulting lee time gives your florist the opportunity to schedule your purchase while you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll have everything you need and want to make your Christmas celebration a huge success!

Don’t be left in the cold this holiday season, contact your local florist today!

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