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January Wedding Flower Trends For 2009

Ask the Expert: What flowers/colors will be in for Jan weddings
What flowers and colors will be “in” for January weddings?


  1. The traditional wedding colors for January are shades of blue, silver, burgundy, dusky pink and of course white.

    If you want the trendy colors for a January 2009 wedding look to the fashion industry. The forecast for colors involves a wide range of intense colors and earthy neutrals. Dark and urban form the color pallette for winter 2009. Subtle darks, such as midnight blue, graphite grays and deep purples, are the color foundation that the rich earthy browns and greens as well as the sublime taupish beiges, sensuous pinks and raspberry reds build upon. White is not forgotten this season but is complimented with a blush of green or pink. This is a fantastic color pallette. Any wedding using one or more of these colors will be an elegant and regal affair.

    However finding a flowers in all of these colors for your wedding will be a problem. To incorporate these trendy wedding colors, you will have to pair flowers with accessories. For example graphite gray is not a flower color but deep purple is a wedding flower color. A bouquet of Lisanthus or deep purple roses with a graphite ribbon can complete the trendy color scheme.

    Decide which colors you want for your wedding and then contact your florist and discuss the wedding flowers available in those colors.

    Here is a short list of the January wedding flowers available (this is only a short list and there are many other options):

    Allium – comes in a deep purple
    Alstroemeria – comes in a hot, purple, orange
    Anthurium – brown, terra, pink, red
    Aster – purple, hot pink, red,
    Astilbe – white
    Bouvardia – hot pink, green
    Callas – white, pink, red, purple, orange
    Carnations – white, pink, green, purple, red
    Delphinium – dark blue, pink purple
    Freesia – hot pink, orange, raspberry red, purple
    Gerbera – raspberry red, hot pink, white
    Gladiolus – White, purple, red, orange, hot pink, green
    Iris – Dark blue, purple, white
    Asiatic Lilies – white, orange, hot pink
    Lisanthus – purple, cream, pink
    Ranunculus – hot pink, red, orange
    Roses – hot pink, white, blush, red, purple
    Snapdragons – hot pink, white, red, purple

    As I said this is just a short list of wedding flowers available in January. Many of these flower colors will work with the wedding trends for 2009.

    The most important thing to remember is that your local wedding florist can work in accessories for the wedding colors that are not available in flowers. Winter is a time for rich intense color and the choice is really up to you. The one thing I would avoid is any use of pastel or “sunny” colors, since these are usually spring or summer colors.

  2. Really white flowers are the most wanted choice in any season. Thanks for your great ideas and for a short list of wedding flowers that will be available in January.

  3. Well deep-colored and darker flowers are very in. I’d go with roses, delphinium, or alliums. But if I were you I’d look at fashion shows and research what the trends will be. It also doesn’t hurt to look at old magazines and see what people have done in the past.

  4. Red Wedding Flowers says:

    The flowers for January is the carnations. This is a humble flower, but one that can easily be elevated to modern chic by the way in which it is arranged. Mound loads of carnations in tight clusters to create nifty pomanders and centerpieces in footed urns.

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