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Get Ready for National Rose Month

June is National Rose Month

We’re so close to June and the sunshine season of summer I can already feel it! (It could just be the 90°+ temperatures outside.) When the weather starts heating up outside, everyone starts spending more time in the cool of the indoors. Enhance your indoor fun this summer with a bouquet of beautiful roses from your local florist.

Decorate an end table, the dining room table or the fireplace mantle with beautiful, fresh roses from your local florist! Have them delivered as a treat for yourself, or pick them up from your local flower shop — either way you can never go wrong with flowers! Flowers make everyone happier, and add color and cheer to any room.

Sending Roses for National Rose Month

You might also use National Rose Month as an excuse to send roses to a special friend or family member. Roses come in such a variety of colors, why not choose one to match their birth stone or favorite color, just to make them even more extraordinary.

You might also consider the meaning of the different colored roses when sending to a friend or sweetheart:

  • Lavender – Enchantment.
  • Orange – (Rosa) Fascination.     
  • Pale Pink – Modesty.     
  • Pink – Thankfulness.
  • Red – Love, I love you.     
  • Red and White Mixed – Unity     
  • White – Innocence and purity, secrecy and silence. I am worthy of you. You are heavenly.     
  • Yellow – Friendship.    
  • Rosebud – Beauty and youth, a heart innocent of love.     
  • Single Full Bloom – I love you. I still love you.     
  • Tea (Mini) – I will remember, always.

Whether its for yourself or a friend, roses are the quintessential flower for any summer bouquet. Remember to skip the middleman, and always always always send flowers directly from your real local florist.


  1. Found out recently that the rose is our National Flower … and everything ‘s coming up roses. When treated right, by your local florist, and you the buyer, your roses, will last a long time. Buy quality roses, and be proud of what you are sending for a very long time. :-) Some of my favorite include, Tinto, Okie Dokie, Malibu, Topaz, Cool Water, Green Tea, Circus-Circus, Voodoo and more

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