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Lasting Florals in Vogue!

Lasting Florals Head Piece

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your work into Vogue magazine, Deborah Mooney’s path is probably an accurate, if difficult to emulate, blueprint. In essence: be talented, work with talented people and have a heaping helping of good luck!

The Value of Hard Work and Reputation

Deborah wasn’t trying to get into Vogue. Rather she did what every local florist does every day, accept an order and do her best to make it amazing. It’s that “everyday” quality that makes this story so wonderful. It’s a tale of hard work, of taking advantage of opportunities and striving to make the most of them. It’s about a talented local florist whose toil through the years earned her the respect of her community and a simple request that led to a most unexpected honor.

Answering the Call

Deborah’s work speaks for itself. She’s been operating locally in Midlothian, VA, since 2001, specializing in weddings and special events and working an average of 30+ weddings a year. And when local make-up artist Lulu Schwall put out a request for a local florist to help with a photo shoot, Deborah jumped at the opportunity.

Lulu put Deborah in contact with photographer Jyoti Sackett who requested three unique pieces she could pose together with her models. After getting the details, Deborah went to work. Once they were ready to go, Deborah shipped them out and went on with her day, never giving the project a second thought. Why would she? After all, she had been given no information to indicate the project had such potential. Quality work is business as usual at Lasting Florals.

A Pleasant Surprise

Time passed and Deborah had largely forgotten about the three pieces she’d designed. She had other projects to occupy her time and talents. Weddings, holidays and social events all conspired to keep her plenty busy.

And then it happened.

Out of the blue, Deborah was contacted by Jyoti Sackett who informed her that one of the photos featuring the headpiece she’d designed had been selected to appear in Vogue magazine. To say the least, she was shocked and very excited!

Deborah has done impressive work in the Midlothian area, and because of her dedication to her craft she received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have her work shared with the world. It’s this kind of work ethic that embodies and defines not only Deborah but all local florists. Congratulations to Deborah Mooney and everyone at Lasting Florals. We are proud to have you as members of Flower Shop Network.


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