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Aquamarine Dreams: March’s Favorite Flower Color


This month’s favorite flower color is aquamarine. This year, we are spotlighting unique flower colors for you to use in custom flower arrangements, wedding bouquets, centerpieces and anywhere else you might need great-looking flowers. To make the chosen colors a little more interesting, we are starting with birthstone colors. Last month’s was amethyst, and this month it’s aquamarine, or light blue. (Click here for all of our color of the month posts)

Aquamarine is the bluish-green variety of the mineral beryl. The name beryl comes from the Green, beryllos which means to a “precious blue-green color-of-sea-water stone.” We often see aquamarine used in jewelry and it is the birthstone for March.

When creating a color palette for your flower arrangement or wedding bouquet, choose analogous colors to aquamarine, meaning next to it on the color wheel. These include a mixture of blues and light purples, excellent for pale blue flower arrangements.. Aquamarine’s complement color is a dusty, antique pink — a great accent to your light blue flowers!  The tetrad colors of aquamarine are also easily incorporated into floral designs. The complimentary colors of aquamarine give this hue a surprisingly-rustic mood. Keep these colors in mind when creating your next aquamarine or light blue flower arrangement or color palette.

Aquamarine/Light Blue Color Palette Aquamarine/Light Blue Complement Color Aquamarine/Light Blue Color Scheme

The following guide are a collection of very unique, aquamarine/light blue colored flowers available from your local florists. This guide focuses on light blue flowers you might not think of!

This is a great flower guide for brides looking for unique color palettes and unusual flowers for their wedding.


Agapanthus is a spindly, dainty blue flower than looks fantastic mixed with other fresh florals.

Seasonal Availability: Apr – Dec
Vase Life: 6-10 Days

Blue Hydrangea

A large and stunning collection of smaller blue flowers, the hydrangea is a favorite among florists. The mega flower heads can be used as is, or split up into smaller, accent flowers.

Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Vase Life: 7-10 Days

Silver Brunia

Silver Brunia

Unique, ball-like plant will add unique textures and great silvery-blue color to your bouquet.

Seasonal Availability: May-Aug
Vase Life: 10-15 Days

Scabiosa Light Blue Flowers

Pincushion Flower (Scabiosa)

These unusual light blue flowers are great for garden-style bouquets.

Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Vase Life: 4-7 Days

Limonium Light Blue/Aquamarine Flower

Blue Statice (Limonium)

These tiny flowers are great accents when paired with larger flower types. Great for filler in bouquets, especially garden style bouquets.

Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Vase Life: 10-12 Days

Light Blue Tweedia


Tweedia is a tiny, delicate blue flower. These light blue beauties are a great accent to any blue wedding bouquet.

Seasonal Availability: Apr-Nov
Vase Life: 5-9 Days

Light Blue Sea Holly

Sea Holly (Eryngium Planum)

Sea Holly’s have a very unique look and really stand out when paired with other flowers. If you are looking for something a bit exotic to add to your floral design, this is definitely a great choice!

Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Vase Life: 7-14 Days

Larkspur Light Blue Flower

Larkspur (Delphinium)

Delphiniums/larkspur are a great addition to any blue wedding flower arrangement. The tall stalks of blue flowers give lots of possibilities.

Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Vase Life: 5-8 Days

Echinops Light Blue Flower

Globe Thistle (Echinops)

Globe Thistle creates lovely wedding bouquet accents.

Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Vase Life: 6-10 Days (foliage deteriorates much quicker than flowers)

Aquamarine/Light Blue Hyacinth Flowers


Nothing screams spring like the pastel-blue hyacinth. They also have an amazing fragrance.

Seasonal Availability: Jan – July
Vase Life: 4-7 Days

The flowers above are all very unique, and florists may not carry them in their day-to-day supplies. If you are interested in using these light-blue flowers, be sure to contact your florist in advance for their availability status. You may have to have them special ordered, but it is worth it! We’ve also listed the seasonal availability with each flower, this means they are more easily available during that time, and often cost less.

Here are a couple of blue floral designs to get you started:

Light Blue Flower Arrangement

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