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How Local Florists Made Valentines Day A Success

Valentines Day is truly one of the biggest holidays of the year for florists, and this year’s has come and gone with great success. We are so proud to see more people turning to their real local florist when they need flowers, and even more proud of how well these florists were able to take care of their customers with good service and quality products.

On the day after Valentines Day, we asked florists to share their favorite memories of the holiday and were answered with overwhelming response. As you are reading these, consider how much these florists care for each and every customer.

All Flowers & Charm, New Hamburg, ON

My favourite customer of the day happened to be one of my last. 2 little boys about 12 and 9 came in and dumped a bunch of change on my counter, and asked “What can we get for this for our step mom?” I made sure they left with a lovely bunch of flowers that had her favourite colour in it and enough left over for a chocolate bar each. Its amazing how far 1 .79 goes!

The Flower Shoppe, Alexandria, PA

Best part of Valentine’s Day today was delivering an arrangement to a daughter from her Dad. Her Dad passed away two days ago. It brought tears to her and our eyes.

The Enchanted Florist Asheville, Asheville NC

Enchanted Valentines

From recipient of flowers to florist: “My husband Troy Dill was your mailman for a long time and was killed back in July. He used you to make all our flower arrangements. Thank you Emily for creating the flower arrangements that he would have picked out for his 3 girls this morning. You were a blessing to wake up to!

Glendale Flowers & Gifts, Glendale AZ

We made a small, hand-tied bouquet of 4 roses and some babies breath, cut short and taped tightly for our landscaper… This is the 2nd year we had to make his wife’s roses in this fashion, for they now grace her crypt at the mausoleum. Previously, she got a standard dozen, but the little cup on the wall only holds a tiny handful of flowers. As I carefully made the flowers look as pretty as possible, given the circumstances, the man stood before me sobbing genuine tears of loss. How lucky was he to have loved someone this much? How lucky was I to get to make his love gift?

True Colors Floral Artistry, Springfield Illinois

True Colors Floral Artistry, Springfield Illinois

Jane Lindley got flowers from her daughter and granddaughter at work today… She is one of my designers… Boy was she surprised! Flowers from FSN florist!

Mountain View Designs, La Pine, OR

About 3 weeks ago, a boy about 12 came in to get ideas of what to get his mom for Valentines Day because his dad is not very nice to his mom. He spent 45 minutes in our shop getting ideas and prices. He came in the shop on Saturday to let us know that he wasn’t going to be able to get his mom anything because he wasn’t able to come up with any money. My husband promptly said “How would your mom like a rose?’ This young man said “my mom would love a rose” My husband went in the cooler and I said to this boy “How about a lavender rose?” His response “My mom loves lavender?” As I went to tell my husband he says “What can I do for you guys?” With tears in my eyes I told my husband the color and his response. As we gave him the rose to give to his mom we made arrangements for him to come in after Valentines Day and pay us back. Think we just might have a new employee…

Floral Expressions, Owings, MD

Unique Valentine

Customer wanted something different, love it when they say that

Elysian Fields Specialty Florals, Bethlehem PA

Message Sent From Customer: The reason men should always listen to the advice of a good woman: A few days ago my husband asked what I wanted for Valentine’s day and I told him to stop at Elysian and see whats in the cooler… He said he is not going to spend $60.00 for flowers that die anyway… This a.m. he comes home from KMART with a nice tote bag, $5.95 card with a $30 gift card, a plush bear- $10.00 AND a dozen of red roses that were DEAD! I marched his butt back to get his money back and he comes home with a bouquet of pink roses………they were full blown and turning brown and there were ELEVEN of them. So I took them back, raised a fuss about why KMart should not attempt to sell fresh roses. Got another $21.00 added to my gift card AND came to Elysian Fields and got a beautiful bouquet for $40.00!

Because he didn’t want to spend $60.00, he ended up spending $75.00 plus the gas for 3 trips there and he will also refund my $40.00. The sucker is in the hole!!! I wish I would have taken pictures to show you! Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks for being there!!!

Finest City Florist, El Cajon, CA

Valentine For New Baby

A little something for a precious little Valentine (He was just 11 months old! :)) So sweet


Precious Petals, Odessa MO

On 2/14, one of my customers sent his wife of 9½ years 108 roses in 9 vases. She was very excited for the 1st dozen but as we keep carrying another dozen in, she got even more excited. Soon her dining room table was totally full of beautiful red roses that said I love you!

Flower Boutique, Cherry Hill, NJ

Boutique Roses

This arrangement was our first delivery on Valentine’s day to a local office. Soon after that, we received 6 large orders from the same office!

Marina’s Flowers, Staten Island, NY

I had a most unusual order to send flowers to…. a 9 year old girl. They were ordered by her parents who happened to be away from home for Valentine’s Day. Even though the girl was staying home with her favorite grandmother only for a few days, she was still soooo happy to see a “flower heart” from her parents. As for me, it was a pleasure to be even a smallest part of this joy and to see that there are very lucky children in this world!!

Finest City Florist, El Cajun, CA

Finest City Florist

A delivery for a middle school student during the school day. Teachers not quite as happy for the disturbance, but made the recipient’s day hands down!!

Allan’s Flowers & Prescott Valley Florist, Prescott, AZ

Local Florist Pays It Forward

Our story is a post Valentine one. We took all of the extra wrapped roses and bouquets we had made up and went to 3 retirement homes today and gave the flowers away. It was a sweet way to end the holiday and to share the love with many people who don’t receive flowers that often.

As you can see, the Day of Love is just that with local florists. They listen and understand how important each and every order is to the sender and do their best to make each arrangement special. It’s that extra mile that truly makes using a local flower shop worth it! And not just for you, your entire community benefits as well.


  1. Heart to Heart Flower shop says:

    Our number one requested rose arrangement Titled I WILL LOVE YOU TIL THE LAST ONE DIES! (of course one of the roses is Silk)

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