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Local Florist Urges Local Shopping This Valentines Day

We had a similar update earlier this week about a florist talking to their local news station about the obstacles of ordering flowers online. Well, we’ve spotted another one. This florist is also one of our great members, Hawley’s Florist in Rutland, VT.

Send Romantic Roses From A Local FloristThis video explains more specifically how an order gatherer takes their cut of the order before sending it to a local florist to fill. An order gather is a kind of middle man for florists, taking their cut before sending the order to a real florist.

Searching for a local florist isn’t as easy as typing “City, ST Flowers” into Google. You might live in a town with only 1 flower shop, yet thousands of results are found. Many of these are deceptive middle-men who (1) take your order, (2) take their cut, and (3) pass on an order of lesser value for your local florist to fill. Ordering from a real local florist will ensure you receive the best flower arrangement at the full quality of your purchase.

Why You Don’t Have To Worry

It’s actually really easy to ensure you get the best bang for your buck — buy local! By calling a florist or using their website directly, you can rest assured you will get the full value of your flower order.

Flower Shop Network is here to help! We are an advocate of real local florist and our site is designed to help you find a local florist in your area. Flower Shop Network has never, and will never take a flower order, or percentage of, away from a local florist.

For more tips on protecting yourself from order gathers, check out this post.

Video via wcax.com.

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