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Looks Like A Purple Crinum Lily

Crinum Lily

Crinum Lily

Ask the Expert: id a mexican flowering plant
If found this flowering plant in Matzaclan, Mexico. It maybe from a buld.  There was no one to ask what it was, so I took a picture of it. Maybe you can id it or let me know where I can go to get identified.

Plant Expert Reply:

It looks like a Crinum Lily – maybe a Crinum strictum or Crinum americanum.  Crinum strictum are native to Mexico and is sometimes referred to as Texas Swamplily.   It is a bulb which reproduces very slowly.  If left undisturbed will bloom with out fail for many years.


  1. Thank you very much for the id on the lily. Now I know what to ask or look for.

  2. I have the Crinum lily for several years. The way I take care of it is—-INTELLIGENT NEGLECT. I do apply feed to two satsumas in the same plot ant the lily may get the benefit of the citric fertilizer. When the cold got to it one year simply trimmed off all the dead stuff of the sizable sump with a few green leaves that showed up. After that the weather was favorable and it simply sprouted leaves and bloomed a bit later.
    I bloom is simply beautiful with a big spread—almost a foot in diameter with lots of separate blooms starting out a bight red spear like curl then opening up in the red-white shades and it smells sweet somewhat like a gardenia.. About the base are small shoots and what I am wondering about is can I
    carefully dig up these shoots and propagate the lily that way? I would like to have more that one plant and I want to give some plants to my two sons home both have a very nice yards one 2 acres
    Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks M. Fred Krch (281) 482 7721

  3. M Fred,

    If the shoots have their own bulb, you should be able to gently remove the bulb and stalk and pot them in their own containers. You will plant them at the normal depth for Crinum lilies. Good luck and keep me posted.