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Spread the Luck on St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick's Day 2014

St. Patrick’s Day is coming. How do you plan on celebrating?

Maybe you’re hitting the streets to watch a parade, sharing a green beer with friends or just wearing a green shirt to ward off any pinches. Part of what makes celebrating St. Patrick’s Day so fun is the idea of the “Luck of the Irish.” This is the hope that celebrating the vibrant culture of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day will mean a little extra luck for you, me and everyone else.

Why Do The Irish Get All The Luck?

The luck of the Irish is thought to mean “extreme good fortune.” There is no solid answer about where the phrase originally came from though. Some claim it has roots in a legend about an Irishman who had a few too many drinks and accidentally walked over a cliff’s edge but his life was saved by landing on a bed of green clovers. Others say it is an American invention that popped up around the time of the Gold Rush and referred to a number of Irish American immigrants who found fortunes in the West.

However it started, it is now widely accepted that having the luck of the Irish means you have good fortune on your side.

Get Lucky With Flowers!

So you can’t predict when and where luck will strike this St. Patrick’s Day but you can certainly make someone special feel lucky. By sending them flowers of course! Better yet GREEN flowers that symbolize luck, prosperity and renewal!

Make your hunny feel lucky to have you with a fresh-cut arrangement. Turn her friends green with envy at the office or brighten the house with a bright blooming bouquet she won’t soon forget. You’ll start feeling lucky when you see flowers bring big smiles this St. Patrick’s Day.

Know someone that could use a little pick-me-up? Your mom, a friend from college or your running buddy? Send them some potted shamrocks this St. Patrick’s Day to help spread the luck around.

Contact your local flower shop to see what specials they have going for the holiday. You’ll feel like a billion bucks for bringing some joy and good luck into someone’s life this St. Patrick’s Day.

Lucky You!


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