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Lucky Bamboo Exposed Chemicals Accidently, Can You Help?

Kim Asks:

I recently put liquid carpet deoderizer into my lucky bamboo plant. What can I do to keep it alive? Should I cut the roots off the bottoms?

Brock’s Reply:

Remove the plant from its container. Clean the container thoroughly with liquid detergent and water. Rinse the roots and stems of the plant and replace in fresh, clean water. If any part of the stem is damaged or rotted, cut it off with a sharp knife or pruning shears. If the roots are dying back, then cut them from the stems. Keep the plant warm and in bright light. Lucky Bamboo is pretty durable, so it ought to be able to recover from the accident.


  1. azita cummings says:

    I just bought a heart shape good luck bamboo last week. I am noticing the heart part is bending forward. I followed the instructions putting the plant in the container, adding water etc. I placed it in a place not with no direct sun exposure.
    What should I do? Does it need more sun? Also, how often do I have to change the water? Does it need plant food?
    I really appreciate your assistance.

  2. Dani James says:

    Hi Azita!
    Most of the time, when bamboo plants start to bend, they are stretching towards the sunlight. You might try turning the plant in the opposite direction so it will stretch back straight. It’s also good practice to change the water once a week, but make sure to use bottled water or distilled water, as bamboo plants are very sensitive to the chemicals in tap water. Hope this helps!

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