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Turn Your Lucky Bamboo Top Into A New Plant

Ask the Expert: how to reroot a lucky bamboo?
My lucky bamboo started to turn yellow from the bottom up and at the top there are new shoots. Can I if any way possible reroot the new shoots. It was a gift to me and it means alot, I really want to save it if at all possible. I really appreciate any advice you have! Thank You!  Kim


You can take the top of your lucky bamboo (Draceana sanderiana) and create a new plant.  You will need rooting hormone and a sharp knife.  Take your knife and cut the top of the lucky bamboo off about an inch above a node.  The node is the raised ring on the stem of the lucky bamboo.  Now take the cut end and dip it into the rooting hormone.  Let this solution dry for a couple of hours or overnight.  Now place the cut end of the lucky bamboo in water.  You will need any where between  1 to 4″ of water, depending on how long your piece of lucky bamboo is.  Be sure to keep the water level constant at all times.  In a couple of weeks you will have new roots.

You might want to read the post We aren’t always lucky with lucky bamboo.  It has picture and more detailed describtion on how to propagate lucky bamboo.


  1. Help! My lucky bamboo has black looking roots and what appears to be mildew on the rocks? I got this plant from a friend I started several new ones and they are great but this one has had these nasty roots since I got it I have tried everything to fix it and nothing works. Should I just toss it?

  2. It’s a good idea to clean the rocks and container with warm, soapy water. Make sure to rinse thoroughly. As for the roots, if there are any white or healthy-looking roots left, remove the black roots. If all of your roots have turned black, you might need to cut the plant and start new roots. This post: Not Always Lucky With Lucky Bamboo will explain how to do this. Hope this helps.

  3. I have a question. I’m not sure if I’m using the correct terms as I’m quite new to gardening. Can you cut off the stalk itself to root, or only a stem or “shoot”? If a stalk has yellowing from the bottom, can you cut off the top of the stalk and root it to save it?

  4. RJ,

    If you have a green top but the plant is yellowing below to the roots, cut the top off and start a new plant. If you have the oppose problem where the top is yellow but the roots are healthy, you can cut the top off and the plant will sprout new branches. Just make sure in both cases that you have about 3 inches for stem. Hope this information helps.

  5. About 2 months ago I propogated my lucky bamboo and have had the shoots in water ever since waiting for them to sprout roots so I can replant them. Unfortunately, when one of my friends was watching them for me, my bamboo stalks and the new shoots got a bit too much sunlight. I have done all I can to make them healthy again and most of the shoots are still green. Any ideas why they haven’t sprouted roots yet??

  6. Crys,

    I have no idea. Are there are little nodes forming on the stem? If so then the plant is forming roots and just slow to get going.

  7. Tiffany Finken says:

    Hi i have already propogated my plants and they are growing Roots really well but now one of my cuttings is starting to turn black with lots of healthy roots, why is this?

  8. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Tiffany,
    It sounds like the stalk is rotting for some reason. If there is any healthy part left above the roots, you can try to cut the black off and continue growing your bamboo from the roots. Either way, I would separate it from your other stalks to keep it from causing damage to your healthy plants.