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Help! My Lucky Bamboo Is Infested With Red Spiders

Ask The Plant Expert:

Hello, my name is Ivy. I have a big problem on my lucky bamboo. [About a] month ago, it appeared to have a bug problem. Very small, red spiders and other insects that are so so small, they can hardly be noticed. They make the plant leaf turn lighter and slowly kill, and the leaf has sticky oil-like stuff coming out. Please help!!!

Red Spider MiteFlower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:


You probably have a red spider mite problem.  Your local garden center and nursery should have an insecticide that will take care of it, and still be safe for your lucky bamboo.  Fertilome has a red spider mite spray in a ready-to-use container.  One or two treatments with the insecticide should take care of the problem.

Hope this information was helpful. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

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  1. I have the same problem… but I don’t want to use any insect chemicals so I took them out and I watch them when are clear antibacterial soap making sure to rub the leaves gently and also took a toothbrush and brush the leaves clean getting rid of all the plants and soaking them in water for about a half hour or anything them again and repeating it again make sure they’re glass container with some completely clean as in I put it back so you don’t have to use insecticides or any chemicals because chemicals are dangerous so why use them just take them out washing with a gentle antibacterial soap antifungal soap something like that gently wash them wash the stem I wouldn’t watch The Roots but I still rinse the roots out to get any tools or anything that might be growing in The Roots if the roots are red that means they’re still healthy which mine was still red but the leaves were getting kind of yellow and it was really sad about it so I just took them out and wash them with soap and soak them for a minute and watch them so come a little longer I’m pretty sure it’ll work if not I’ll post back but I don’t think you have to use chemicals

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