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Help My Lucky Bamboo Has A Stench and Gnats

Ask The Expert: my bamboo that I aquired 3 mos ago approximately has aquired a stench like “throw~up” (according to my daughter) and gnats are attracted to it! can You suggest to me what might b wrong, and what I can do to fix it, please? I would really appreciate the info, as I really like my plant!  sincerely, Cathi


Since I don’t know if your lucky bamboo is in soil or water, I will address both but separately.

Lucky bamboo in water – You probably have an overgrowth of algae or fungus.  You could possibly have decaying plant amterial in the water.  You will need to empty the containers and wash it thoroughly with soapy water.  Rinse the container several times with water.  You will also need to wash any pebbles as well.  Wipe the lucky bamboo stem with a damp washcloth.  then place the pebbles and lucky bamboo back in the container and fill with distilled water.  This should take care of the problem.

Lucky bamboo in soil – You probably have a fungus on the top layer of the soil.  This is a result of soil that has been over-watered with poor air circulation and decaying organic matter.  You can scrap off the very top of the soil and throw it away and then let your soil dry slightly.  Sometimes this is all it takes.  If it still persists you will nee a fungicide and an insecticide.

Good Luck and please keep me posted.


  1. terry babin says:

    i cut some bamboo to start some to root but they wont root@why?

  2. How long has it been? Sometimes it takes several weeks for the roots to form.

  3. cathihartline says:

    thank You so very much for Your response!!! I will follow accordingly and get back to You with my progress!! greatly appreciated! sincerely, Cathi

    Attached Image: s_83a4780301894a67b31db1f22b0ccbf7.jpg

  4. im trying to get a new lucky bamboo i put some pictures in my blog
    maybe you could give me some tips!


  5. Sanderiano,

    I would ask your readers to send pictures of their lucky bamboo to you. Also, I noticed that the lucky bamboo in the square container has lesions on the stalk. You need to cut off all places with lesions and only propagate the pieces that do not have lesions.

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