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Help My Lucky Bamboo Is Turning Brown And Droopy

Ask the Expert: Bamboo Leaves Drooping
Hello I took this bamboo plant I purchased 5 days ago to work. Today I noticed the leaves are drooping and it isn’t crisp anymore. Slightly turning brown. I live in Canada and is -17 degree Celsius outside when I bought it to work. I wasn’t outside too long just during the waiting for my bus to arrive. The temperature at work fluctuates but I will say it is cold most of the time. Today is Friday I will probably bring my plant back home on Monday if it does get worst. What can I do to save my poor plant? Janice

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert: First – It needs to be kept some where between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. As long as your office stays above 15 degrees Celsius (that would be 59 degrees Fahrenheit), then leave it at your office – if not take it home.

Once it is in its permanent home leave it alone. It needs time to adjust. Give it a couple of weeks and the browning as well as the drooping should stop.

In the meantime make sure it is getting adequate light – bright filtered light no direct light. Make sure you keep the water level the same. When you add water use distilled water or tap water that has been exposed to air in an open container for 24 hours. It might help to read Caring For Lucky Bamboo.

I really think your lucky bamboo will be ok. It looks very healthy.

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  1. Sandra Hopkins says:

    Ooooppss! That’s not a good thing to know. Wish I could tell you how, I also wanted to know how to help my own bamboo in my room. Would it be because of not having so much sunlight? Hmm.. cos my room can’t have enough enough sunlight, it’s really dim.

  2. Nicole Smith says:

    Poor bamboo. I hope it didn’t totally withered. Lucky you have some experts on your back that are always ready to help you. Good luck with your lucky bamboo.

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