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Lucky Bamboo Is A Water Snob

Ask The Expert: i have a lucky bamboo. and had always used bottled water ,which it seemed to love. then i had slacked and was using city water and noticed it started to turn yellow. so i went and bought spring water again. it started turning more yellow.i read other concerns on this page and went and got distilled. so i have now cleaned the marbles and plant in this water. an filled it with distilled. i even checked bugs nothing.should i got off the yellow leaves? and should i cut the long stem down as well that the yellow leaves were growing off of? i did notice as well that one of the stocks was not as green its not mushy. what else can i do and how long will it take for me to notice if its doing better? Sabrina


Lucky Bamboo is very sensitive to many chemicals and tap water has two that lucky bamboo really hates: Chlorine and Fluoride. Both of these chemicals can cause yellowing and other problems in lucky bamboo.  That is why it likes bottled water or distilled water.  You can use tap water but not fresh from the tap.  Always let it set out in an open container for 24hrs before ou use it.  At this point I would remove the yellow leaves.  Usually, once they turn yellow they won’t turn back to green.  However, I would only trim your stem if it starts to go soft.  It will take a week or two before you see improvement, so keep a close eye on it for a while.  Good luck and keep me posted.


  1. I’ve had luck with Well Water from the tap ~ obviously no chlorine or flouride :D

  2. Sabrina Bucher says:

    thanku so much i will keep u posted n love the titile:)

  3. Sabrina Bucher says:

    i dont want to seem crazed about ths plant thing. there are 3 stalks that make up my bamboo. . the one stalk that had all the leaves yellow, that stalk is now fading into yellow.. does it turn worst b4 it gets better

  4. Not usually. Pull the yellow one out of the container and keep it away from the other two. Are they showing any signs of yellowing?

  5. Sabrina Bucher says:

    the other two are staying the same one is greener then the other and one has is still staing green. so i will seperate

  6. As boiling water helps take the chlorine out of the water but not chloramine, is chloramine bad for lucky bamboo? As I thought it would be easier for me to boil the water and let it cool and then place my lucky bamboo in it with some lucky bamboo feed.

  7. Jeffrey Balch says:

    Since lucky bamboo is so sensitive to chemicals, I would not suggest even using the boiled tap water. The best solution would still be to use bottled or distilled water for your lucky bamboo.