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How The Magnolia Blossomed Into The Mississippi State Flower

I have a magnolia tree in my front yard so I have a unique love for the magnolia blooms. Their colors range from stark white to ivory. While most of the other trees in the yard are simply green and normal, the magnolia tree produces beautiful flowers that my family and neighbors are able to enjoy each year.

Photo Credit:  50states.com

Photo Credit: 50states.com

I ran across a list of state flowers and the Mississippi state flower caught my eye. Little did I know, the magnolia earned this prestigious title more than 100 years ago! An election was held in November of 1900 to select the state flower of Mississippi. What amazes me is that school children were the ones who voted. 23, 278 school children voted. Of this large number, 12, 745 votes were cast for the magnolia. Wow! The cotton blossom and the cape jasmine took home a large chunk of the votes but the magnolia was declared the winner. Legislature in 1952 officially declared the Mississippi state flower to be the magnolia.

What’s even more entertaining is that the magnolia is so popular that the magnolia tree was voted as the Mississippi state tree as well! That’s right. The Director of Forestry put it to a vote in 1935. School children were given four options–magnolia, oak, pine, dogwood–of which the magnolia received overwhelming support.

It’s hard for a florist to look at magnolia blossoms and not be inspired. Their color, unique shape, light scent and even their blooming season is inspiration enough for a beautiful bouquet. Want to know just how inspiring these blooms can be? Contact a local florist for a magnolia inspired arrangement.

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