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Making Magic at Mannes Petals

Florists often wear many hats. They are an integral part of the major moments in our lives and embrace this important place with pride. Mannes Petals and Patchwork in Freeman, South Dakota is certainly one of those florists. Owned by Mary and Ken Mannes, Mannes Petals and Patchwork is a trend-forward shop that loves to create designer florals.

Mary began her journey into floral design at an early age. She started with flowers from the garden at age 5 and her love for flowers continued from there. Fast forward to her time in college when she was able to take a floral design class, and the rest is history!

Mary is very passionate about the floral industry and serves as a board member and Secretary for the South Dakota Florists Association. She has been a presenter for the SDFA many times and has also taught classes including one on the Midollino spiral. She is a South Dakota Certified Florist and is dedicated to helping educate and mentor others. Mary also enjoys learning new things herself. She has a great love for her artisan friends from all over the globe and considers them treasures.

Mannes Petals and Patchwork is well known for many different kinds of floral design. Mary is all about the details. Her prom and wedding work is sought after for this reason. She loves to give each design a unique twist and is often told, “Mary, work your magic!” She also enjoys funeral work, because she knows the great importance of giving floral solace to those in need of comfort.

Mary goes above and beyond to create gorgeous designs that are also trend savvy. Staying trend-forward has helped her win many design competitions and she feels very lucky to be a part of the floral industry. She is extremely involved with the floral community in her state and even runs the social media for the South Dakota Florists Association, as well as her flower shop’s. Mary has worn many hats in her life, as a floral designer, a teacher, a mother, and a grandmother. She loves to work magic with her floral designs and is a great example for young designers. To learn more about Mannes Petals and Patchwork, check them out on Facebook!


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