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Increasing Business & Marketing To Generations X & Y

Traditional marketing might have been fine for attracting baby boomers, but for florists looking to entice a younger crowd, this just isn’t enough! So what is the key to establishing a relationship with Generation X (30-49) and Generation Y(10-29)? The answer is— Networking!

Social Networking –  the obvious place to turn to attract a younger crowd.

  • Facebook – the 35-47 year-old age group is growing in leaps and bounds on Facebook. Simply having a Page on Facebook for your shop will attract loyal customers from your community.
  • City or Community Websites – Many cities offer some sort of community web page. This is a great place for local businesses to list their business, photos, as well as their upcoming events. Many are turning to these to sites to find real local businesses and fun events to support.
  • Wedding And Party NetworkFreshly re-designed, WPN offers TONS of new features for attracting brides.

Hosting Events – Showing Gen X’rs your versatility is a great way to create loyal, lifetime customers.

  • Showers – If you do weddings, you probably already have the materials to throw a great-looking bridal shower! The same goes for baby showers. Offer your shop as a venue to host these types of events for your community.
  • Kids Parties – Host a flower-themed birthday party or a kids’ social club event, like a girl scout workshop, to spark their love of flowers! Adorn your shop in your cutesiest decor, and have the kids create their own small arrangements to take home. You could even have them paint their vase!
  • Community Projects – Networking with other businesses is a great way to create awareness for your shop. Get with the stores on your block or neighborhood and host an event, party, or even something fun, like a scavenger hunt!

Hands-on – Hosting hands-on events, especially kid-friendly ones, are sure to bring out Generation X.

  • DIY Workshops – Hosting Do-It-Yourself workshops will not only get crafty young people into your shop, it will re-establish their love of flowers. Host workshops where your attendants create their own beautiful arrangement for their homes. Wreath building workshops are also a big hit!
  • Flower Club – Generation X is known for being extremely family oriented. Start an after school Flower Club to meet once a month and and get kids (and parents!) interested in flowers!

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