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The 14 Days of Love – Marketing for Valentine’s Day

Florists, Valentines Day is less than a month away. If you haven’t turned your attention to Valentines Day, it’s time to start now! This could be your biggest year yet! Here we’ve composed 14 great ideas for the 14 Days in February. You can do them all, or pick and choose your favorites. If you have even more ideas, let us know in the comments below!

Valentines Day Marketing TipsDay 1. Tell your customers you love them.

Use your promotional outlets, blogging, social media, etc, to tell your customers what they mean to you. Create a special email or graphic; maybe give away coupons. This day is all about showing love to your loyal customers.

Day 2. Day of love contest

Give away an inexpensive, but desirable product in a quick and easy contest. It may be as simple as asking “I love my sweetheart so much because ____” on Twitter and giving away a prize for the best answer.

Day 3. Decorate, and decorate again.

Your front window should scream, “VALENTINE’S DAY,” but don’t stop there! Stick cut out hearts and doilies all over your walls and windows. Use red, white and pink ribbon to decorate your house plants, gift items and anything else. Catch love fever and go crazy!

Day 4. Send Valentines

Collect Valentine’s Day cards to be taken to local hospitals, nursing homes or even sent to soldiers. Advertise to your community via press release in radio, newspaper and even your own online promotional outlets.

Day 5. Kreative Kids Kraft

Set up a worktable where kids of all ages can come in and make their own Valentine’s Day cards. Use standard crafting materials, but also extra petals from spent flowers can be glued to cards. Be sure to feature the event in a press release and on your online promotional outlets. Use extra creations to decorate your store. (These can be made for Day 4 as well.)

Day 6 Customer appreciation

Like Day 1, Day 6 is where you get your customers to talk about you! Encourage your most loyal customers to post comments, reviews, testimonials or other feedback on their own social or community boards. Collect all the best ones and use them in a blog or send an email out to all your customers.

Day 7. Pamper the singles.

Make today all about the singles in your community. Make and promote pictures of your “Pamper Yourself” gift baskets, or any other personal gift items. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could host a Singles Shopping Mixer.

Day 8. Love your staff.

Before Valentine’s Day gets in full swing, be sure to show some love to your staff. Send Valentines or simple notes of appreciation to each other. Make it a game and ‘hide’ them for each other to find. Hang up glowing staff reviews from customers in break rooms and even the bathroom.

Day 9. Free Delivery Day

To encourage early shoppers, offer a day of Free Delivery in plenty of time before Valentine’s Day. If this is not possible for your store, offer a coupon towards a % off future purchases, only for one day. It’s all about getting shoppers to buy early.

Day 10. Put Cupid to work.

While requiring your staff to dress like Cupid may be a bit much, there are still plenty of ways your staff can express their Valentine’s Day spirit. Do your best to get the staff to wear shades of red, pink, purple or any other Valentine’s Day attire for the rest of the week. Make everyone a corsage or bout to wear as they go about their days. Get headbands with springing heart bobbers for your delivery drivers; anything you can do to get your entire staff excited. And if someone wants to dress as Cupid, that’s okay too!

Day 11. Extended hours.

As the big day draws near, think about extending your hours to better suit your community. Exactly when to do this and for how long is up to you, but it just may lure those extra shoppers you wouldn’t get otherwise. Advertise your extended hours as a special time for Valentine’s Day shoppers.

Day 12. Last minute shoppers.

Make sure you have lots of options for those last minute shoppers out there. Have many different options for any price range, from flowers to gift basket bundles. Think of beautiful, eye-catching ways to package them and watch them fly off shelves.

Day 13. Concentrate on customers.

The day before Valentine’s is obviously going to be hectic and stressful. Work hard to keep a smile on your face for customers. Whether they step through your door, call on the phone or place an order on your website, they are all your customers. There are so many people out there who only order flowers once a year, MAKE SURE this is a smooth and delightful experience for them and maybe you’ll hear from them again before next year’s day of love.

Day 14. Live the spirit of Valentine’s Day

By now, you might be close to pulling your hair out.. we all know how busy this time is for florists. However, on Valentine’s Day, make sure to take some time out and spend it with the one you love.

BONUS Day 15. Get Out of the Dog House Deal

Offer a special deal for those out there that forgot their sweetie on Valentine’s Day. (Shame shame!) Also, run a special for those who did not get the gift they wanted, “Didn’t get what you wanted for Valentines? Come by and pick something out for yourself.”

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