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Maryland Wedding Flowers In May

Ask the Expert: May seasonal flowers in Maryland
What are some seasonal flowers for a May wedding in Maryland? I don’t want to pay extra to have flowers flown in, as it’s much more affordable. The wedding is May 9th. I really like color and the wedding will be held in a garden.
Any ideas or suggestions? Jessica


In today’s global world, most flowers aren’t truly “seasonal” any more. With the exception of really rare flowers like lilacs, most florists can get any flower any time with very little seasonal cost difference. With that said, Roses are more expensive during Valentine’s Day and peonies are less expensive during May and June. Cost is related more to the sources your local florist has available. I would make a list of the flowers and colors you like and consult with your local Maryland florist. The florist will be able to tell you what they bring in as a standard order and what they can order without charging a premium price. I would also discuss the fact that you are having an outdoor wedding. Using flowers that will not hold up well outside, no matter what the price, will lead to disappointment. Your florist will be able to determine what flowers do well based on your climate. I will suggest the use of gladiolus for outdoor receptions since they do well in these conditions. I would, also, suggest using a mixture of flowers for your bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets – this will try into the garden theme of the wedding.  With mixed flowers you can get a lot of color.


  1. I just saw your post Jessica, I just got married a few weeks back, and my flowers were to die for , yes I had a out door wedding, we had lilac, don’t know what the person who responded came from, and no funeral flowers great stuff, we used Pam at Ultimate Affair, She gave us the best price, actually she , booked 2 more on my wedding day, She is also a planner, she was just wonderful to work with. I had found her on this site. Congrats on your big day.

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