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Matching Flowers To Purse: The Easiest Way To Send The Wife Flowers

One of the biggest excuses I hear from guys about why they don’t send their wife or girlfriend flowers more often is, “I just don’t know what she likes…” Sorry guys, this is a pretty lame excuse!

Here is the solution: Match the flowers to her purse!

If she has a purple purse, it’s obvious she likes the color purple. Red? Send her red roses! Hot pink? Pink Gerber daisies are your answer! It’s that easy!

If her purse is a little more wild, like leopard print, that will be a fun challenge for the florist! I bet your local florist has leopard ribbon to use and a great selection of fall flowers would go perfect with those earthy tones!

An even better idea is to email a photo of the purse to your florist. And guys, don’t make it harder than it sounds, with all the new-fangled, high-tech phones out there now, you can snap a quick pic and email it to your florist in no time!

This is a great way to be romantic and pick out something special JUST FOR HER!

There is a lot you can learn about a woman based on the style of purse she has — whether she likes more of a contemporary or vintage style. Maybe its a designer purse? She’d probably like a floral design with a little more high-fashion. Your florist may know absolutely nothing about purses, but they do know a LOT about style. They will at least be able to read your wife’s style and favorite colors. Give it a try by sending flowers today!

Florists: If you get a guy who gives the “I just don’t know what she likes…” excuse, try recommending this idea!

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