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The Meaning of Lucky Bamboo Numbers

Lucky bamboo is a favorite houseplant to give to someone to say “good luck!” It could be just before a test, for a grand opening, or just for fun. These little shoots make fantastic companions because they are so tolerant and easy to care for.

Meanings of Lucky Bamboo Numbers

Use various numbers of bamboo to cause different types of effects. Here are a few popular Multiple Stems of Lucky Bamboogroupings:

  • 1 Stalk – simplicity, meaningful life
  • 2 Stalks – best for luck in love and marriage
  • 3 Stalks – happiness (Most popular)
  • 4 Stalks – almost never given. (Four could draw negative energy, according to Chinese culture)
  • 5 Stalks – academic achievement, creativity
  • 6 Stalks – blessing
  • 7 Stalks – health
  • 8 Stalks – luck in wealth
  • 9 Stalks – good fortune and over all luck
  • 10 Stalks – completion or perfection
  • 21 Stalks – all-purpose blessing

Lucky Bamboo & Feng Shui

According to the ancient art of Feng Shui,  the bamboo itself is supposedly filled with peaceful and wise energy. The best way to ensure your bamboo is a lucky Feng Shui cure, is to make sure all 5 elements of Feng Shui are represented:

  • Wood – the stalks of the bamboo
  • Earth – the rocks or pebbles inside the container (best in shades of brown)
  • Water – where the bamboo grows
  • Fire – containers and stalks are tied with red ribbon or other adornment (this is thought to enhance the stalks)
  • Metal – a glass container is considered to be of the metal element. If glass is not used, a coin can often be found on the bottom of the container.

The Gift of Lucky Bamboo

Business Gifts
Lucky bamboo has been a go-to businesses in China for centuries. Lucky bamboo signifies good business deals; it is often given as a gift between two businesses. It makes a great gift for open houses, grand openings, award or achievement ceremonies and other auspicious occasions. (Think Bosses Day!)

Get Well Soon Gifts
Lucky bamboo is also given to people who are sick or depressed to help them through the recovery process.

Wedding & Housewarming Gifts
A wedding is also a good time to give lucky bamboo. It’s a great way to wish someone a long, prosperous and luck-filled life.

Where to find Lucky Bamboo
If you’re looking to bring lucky bamboo into your home, or send it to someone who needs a little luck, simply contact your local florist. Many florists around the country also sell houseplants, including lucky bamboo, at their flower shops. It’s a great place to start! Just remember, always go local when using a florist.

Find a florist near you to order your very own lucky bamboo plant or other house plant!

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  1. Deandra says:

    Kudos to you! I hadn’t thghuot of that!

  2. if 11 nos of bamboo what effect get us please give me your good instruction

  3. Sasikumar,

    There is not a specific meaning for the number 11, although any receiver of lucky bamboo receives a beautiful houseplant and a blessing of good luck.

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  5. Eric,

    We are actually a marketing service and network for local florists. Therefore we do not have any plants, flowers or products. Thank you for reaching out though.

  6. Jarod Lapuz says:


  7. i purchased 12 pice of stlks but one of them is broken what to do.

  8. Jamie Woods says:

    If you one your stalks is broken, you will need to cut it. If the stalk is large enough, this will allow you to start another stalk of lucky bamboo! Here is link to show you the proper way to propagate lucky bamboo: https://www.flowershopnetwork.com/blog/we-are-not-always-lucky-with-lucky-bamboo/

  9. Lindsey says:

    What does 22 stalks indicate?

  10. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Lindsey,
    22 stalks would most likely represent double luck, though it is hard to say for sure.

  11. rajesh kumar says:

    I have 13 stick bamboo plant in my house. 9 stalks are smaller and 4 sticks are big .suggest me is it good or not .it is gifted by my friend.

  12. Jamie Woods says:

    The total number is more important than the size. Thirteen stalks stands for complete or perfect happiness, so I think this is a good gift.

  13. I had 38 stickbamboo, is it good..? What does it indicate

  14. Jamie Woods says:

    38 stalks of lucky bamboo usually indicates prosperity.

  15. Hello,
    I have 19 stalks , is it good? What does it indicate ?

  16. Jamie Woods says:

    Four stalks of bamboo is the only number that is considered bad. Nineteen stalks likely indicates a simple life with great luck and fortune.

  17. I have 8 stacks but placed in a different vases, one im south and others in east, is that okay or all plants need to be placed at the same location, does overall count matters or individual location count matters? Thanks

  18. Jamie Woods says:

    Usually, the count refers to all the stalks placed together.

  19. I have 20 stalks. What does that mean?

  20. Jamie Woods says:

    I don’t know the exact meaning for 20 stalks. After ten stalks, the groupings usually stand for a double meaning. Ten stalks stand for completion or perfection.

  21. I have a very healthy bamboo with 3 stalks that grows like crazy. I just noticed it’s growing a 4th and looked up the meaning and it’s bad. Should I pull it out?

  22. Jamie Woods says:

    You can pull it out, or choose to propagate one of your other stalks to create a fifth stalk.

  23. Lynda Coleman says:

    Hi, my son gifted me a 16 stalk lucky bamboo for Xmas. What does the meaning of 16 stalks please? Is it more positive than negative?

  24. Jamie Woods says:

    It is positive. Sixteen stalks most likely stand for great luck, prosperity and having everything you want and desire in life.

  25. Lynda Coleman says:

    Oh wow, thanks Jamie Woods for your response. TBH, I’m so glad and relieved to hear it’s positive. I’m not having much luck nor any blessings at all in my life at the moment…. I’m pretty much almost at my breaking point now…. that’s why I’m grateful for any small even the tiniest positive words or advice…. Any uplifting words to hear right now helps me a lot because it’s very comforting to take in…. thanks again. I wish you and everyone on here a very Merry Xmas and a Happy and safe New Year. Best wishes for 2018.

  26. Jamie Woods says:

    So glad I could help :) Merry Christmas to you and yours. Best of luck in 2018!

  27. Hello,
    How do I know how many Bamboo stalkes are lucky for me. Do it go by birthday or i can just pick any?

  28. Harsh Joshi says:

    What does Bamboo having 37 stalks mean?

  29. Jamie Woods says:

    Nine stalks are best for overall luck and good fortune.

  30. Jamie Woods says:

    Happiness and Health

  31. Alishia Jones says:

    What do 11 stacks mean and I have any pot with six in it

  32. Josie Condino says:

    I have 56 stalk but placed in six different containers. I placed ten stalks in each pot and laced the remaining 6 stalks in different pot , Is it can bring me a good luck?

  33. Jamie Woods says:

    Double truth or commitment

  34. Jamie Woods says:

    Ten stalks means completion or perfection, and six stalks stands for prosperity.

  35. Roriant@yahoo.com says:

    Can I myself by a plant for good luck or does it have to be gifted by someone?

  36. Jamie Woods says:

    You can buy one for yourself :)

  37. Snickers says:

    Hi what does 26 or more stalks means ?
    Does it have individual meaning after 21? Is more than 21 better ? Usually there are more than 21 stalks if they sell braided ones.
    Is braided stalks better than straight ones ?
    Can i plant my lucky bamboo in soil instead of in water will it still be having the Water element ? Thanks

  38. Jamie Woods says:

    26 would most likely stand for good luck in love. To my knowledge, the meaning of braided stalks is no different than that of straight ones.

  39. I have 40 Stalks. What does it mean?

  40. Jamie Woods says:

    40 stalks most likely means complete happiness and perfection in life.

  41. Hello I have 15 stalks can you tell me the meaning?

  42. Jamie Woods says:

    Complete balance and health in the 5 areas of life.

  43. Veronika says:

    I got 3 stalk bamboo but one of them started growing a branch. Is it going to be a 4-bed luck bamboo stalk? Should I cut it and replant it?

  44. Jamie Woods says:

    I wouldn’t be concerned if it is just a branch.

  45. I bought one today that is a 2 tiered plant with 10 stalks on the bottom tier and 4 curly stalks on the top tier. Should I pull one out?

  46. Jamie Woods says:

    I would not be concerned with the four stalks on the top tier as it is the total number of stalks that is important.

  47. Anne biesenbach says:

    Is this a good gift for a birthday and or in treatment for addiction. Please respond by email. Thanks. Anne

  48. i bought a set for my home… it has 41 stalks.
    Is 41 good?

  49. Hi. I bought 5 stalks for academic achievement according to your information but I notice that they don’t mention this in other places I just want to make sure I have the right info. were in the house am I suppose to place them . and I also bought the 21 stalks and I don’t know were to place them either. thank you

  50. I have 14 stalk if lucky bamboo, what 14 number says?