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Hey Millennials…Here’s Why You Should Be Buying Flowers.

Millennials often get a bad rap. We are a generation that has traditional marketers scratching their heads wondering how to reach us. We generally know what we want, and tend to want things based on their value to our lives. We are also one of the most socially conscious generations to date.

What does all that have to do with buying flowers? More than you may think.

In a world filled with negativity, flowers provide something that is hard to find in a pure form: positivity and joy. As a generation that isn’t afraid to discuss the difficulties of life, discovering something so full of joy and innocence, hiding in plain site, should be enough to help Millennials see the value in buying and sending flowers.

Giving flowers dates back thousands of years. There’s even an entire language dedicated to it. Want to tell your secret crush you love them? Send them a bouquet of gardenias (secret love) or tulips (a declaration of love). There’s also research backing the positive effect of flowers on people’s mental health and emotions. A bouquet of flowers is more than all those pretty blooms.

Many will argue that there isn’t much value to be found in buying a bouquet of flowers that will wilt and die in a week. While the flowers will wilt, the value is still there. You don’t choose not to buy food simply because you only get to eat it once. Flowers (and plants) in the workplace increase productivity. Flowers promote healing in ill patients. They also bring true joy to recipients.

Want to impress your girlfriend’s parents? Bring flowers to dinner or have flowers placed on your kitchen table. Want to brighten up a stranger’s day? Purchase a bouquet and place it in a public place for “adoption.” You’ll be surprised at the effect those little buds will have on the people around you.

The next time you find yourself standing outside of your local florist, go ahead and step inside. They’ll be happy to see you.

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  1. Francesca Adamo says:

    aww I just love it when I get flowers

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