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Local Florists Help Make Miss America’s Dreams Come True

Miss America Bouquet of FlowersHere she comes… Miss America!

For the last two years, Faith Lough and her team at We Luv Flowers in Las Vegas, Nevada have designed the bouquets and flower arrangements for the Miss America pageant. “It’s exciting, very fun and very thrilling” she says.

We Luv Flowers is a real, LOCAL florist. “We have a small staff. It’s very intimate and quaint. When you call here, if you’re talking to me, chances are the next time you call, you’re going to get me again.”

So just how did a small-time florist get involved in this national event?

“They try to choose local florists for the pageant. It was exciting for us. Getting to go to Planet Hollywood and meeting everybody, after all the weeks and months leading up to it. You’re talking to everybody on the phone in the planning, so going down to meet everyone was exciting. They’re already talking about using us again next year.

They were very satisfied. They said they’ve never had flowers look so beautiful.”

“Last year, we did just the bouquets. This year we did: 85 centerpieces for a dinner, vase arrangements for the host, arrangements for the dressing rooms, arrangements for former Miss Americas, and arrangements for the parents luncheons.”

Faith and her team used classic red roses as their focal flower throughout their designs. Miss American traditionally always gets 24 red roses. “We used 4 foot freedom roses for Miss America’s bouquet. It was a huge! It’s a once in a lifetime event for her, so she deserves to have something special.”

At We Luv Flowers, they believe all of their customers are just as special. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a 40$ baby arrangement or a 400$ designer arrangement. I’m going to put the same personalized touches into both. It’s all about giving great customer service and making sure every arrangement that goes out the door looks it’s best.

We all try to pay great attention to detail and make sure every arrangement gets that individual touch and personalized service they are looking for. We always give extra value. If you order a 60$ arrangement it always looks like its 75$, customer service is the number one thing.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re Miss America, or Miss Smith from down the street, We Luv Flowers treats all of their customers like they are one in a million.

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  1. In the photos of miss America 2018 she carried a bouquet that looked like it was two pieces. What’s up with that?

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