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Roses are Red, But What Does a Mixed Bouquet Say on Valentine’s Day?

When most men think of sending flowers on Valentine’s Day, roses seem to be the only flower to come to mind. Trust me guys, there are A LOT more options than just roses and baby’s breath. It’s kind of like sending fruit cake during the holidays, you’re grandma might love it, but your girlfriend wants something a little more *bling bling*!

What Can I Send Instead Of Roses For Valentine’s Day?

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with sending roses on Valentine’s Day. What I’m saying is, take your time and choose something especially for your honey. Don’t just mindlessly order a dozen roses because that is the traditional thing to do! If roses are your girl’s favorite, then by all means order them!

Instead of plain red roses for Valentine’s Day, choose her flower favorites! If you really want to impress your lady, send her a bouquet in her favorite colors! Valentine’s Day colors don’t HAVE to be red and pink! Choose colors extra special to YOUR Valentine. If your girl loves purple, send a mixed bouquet of many shades of purple flowers! Maybe she loves classy white? Send a bouquet of white flowers; it’s that easy! The key to sending the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is to make it personal!

Check out these great mixed Valentine’s Day bouquets:

Mixed Bouquet for Valentine's Day Mixed Bouquet For Valentine's DayMixed Bouquet for Valentine's Day

For more on choosing the perfect arrangement for your hunny, check out this article on the Romance of Flowers: How to Choose The Right Bouquet.

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