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How To Care For Mother’s Day Azalea

Ask The Expert: I got a Azalea Plant for Mothers Day, and I want to know if I can plant it in a flower pot instead of planting it outside because we are planing to move from the home we are now living in. I also need to know how I should I plant it in the pot.

Thank you very much Katie

Plant Expert Reply:

If you are planning on moving and want to take the plant with you, I would keep it in a pot.  I assume that the azalea came from a florist.  Typically these types of azaleas do well in a pot for quite a while and are hardy only in zone 7-10.  If it came in a basket or was wrapped in foil, I would transplant it into a better container with a drain hole. Azlaea do not like to be soggy, so drainage is essential. Use a peat based potting soil with gravel, rocks or broken terracotta pieces at the bottom of the pot.

While the azalea is in the pot be careful not to over water it. Keep the soil moist but not soggy. The soil should be moist to the touch but you should not be able to squeeze water from it.

If you are moving to a 7-10 zone, you can plant the azalea in your yard. Again you will need to plant the azalea in soil that drains well.  I also suggest mulching the azalea with pine mulch. During the warm season place it on your deck or patio.  During the winter place it in a room with lots of light.

During the growing season (April through August), make sure you fertilize it.  You can use liquid mir-acid every couple of weeks. Once in the ground use a slow release fertilize with a systemic insecticide once a month.

Good luck and please kee me posted.

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