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My August Birth Month Flower–Glad To Have Gladiolus!

Fiddling with the zodiac signs to create an awesome gift idea can be loads of fun. I have several special occasions to celebrate in August so gift ideas run short as July winds to a close. Thankfully for all, my father has reached the age where it is forbidden for another year to mention his fifty-something birthday. The good people in my family still like to make everyone feel special on their birthday so we tend to sneak-attack him with a gift that he can’t refuse; all the while chocking it up to a random present or involving my family in the celebration of my anniversary (also the 28th).

I struggle to find a flower arrangement that will satisfy the rugged tastes of the men in my life but the brilliant thing about fathers is that it truly is the thought that counts. For many years my father would send a single carnation to my sister and me on Valentines Day. Because of this, last year I sent him a single carnation along with his favorite John Wayne movie newly printed onto DVD. We’d both seen “El Dorado” at least one hundred times and a single flower is kind of boring alone. However, it was the understood memories of both that made Daddy forget the law against celebrating his birthday and enjoy the day with his family.

This year is a bit different. I’ve decided to do for Dad’s birthday what I did for my mother but with an extra special touch. I looked up the birth month flowers for August which are gladiolas and poppy. Not wanting to give poppy to my pappy this year, I asked my local florist if she could create a very manly arrangement using gladiolus as the focal flowers. This will be easy because the flower meanings of gladiolus are strength of character, sincerity and generosity. My father embodies these qualities better than most. Gladiolus are also the flower of the gladiators. Who doesn’t think of their father as the strongest man in the world?

Because my father loves certain war medals, I ebayed my heart out until I found the one that he talks about almost incessantly. My florist June and I have discussed a wonderful arrangement that includes his favorite medal amidst a batch of his birth month flowers. This year I’m absolutely certain that August will be a month of surprises and one that Dad will enjoy with us again. I’m hoping that he’ll forget the young-at-heart 50+ and become like a kid again when he sees his unique birthday gift.

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