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What’s The Name of These Plants?

Ask The Plant Expert: What’s the name of these plants? -Abid

Plant #97 - Dracaena Plant #87 - Sansevieria trifasciate Plant #79 - ? Plant #114 - Zingiberaceae

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:


  • Plant 97 (pictured first) looks like a type of Dracaena. However, I can’t tell exactly which species from this photo.
  • Plant 87 (pictured 2nd) is a Sansevieria trifasciate. I love this plant. I have two huge pots of these wonderful plants. Mine has even bloomed in the passed. Although the flower isn’t really much to speak of.
  • Plant 79 (pictured 3rd) is hard to identify from the picture. Do you know if the plant was started from a seed — if so what did it look like? Or, was it taken from a cutting from a mother plant?  It looks like it is in decline. Do you know if the leaves had more color than what they are showing in the picture?
  • Plant 114 (pictured 4th) looks like something from the Zingiberaceae family maybe something from the genus Hedychium. If you could tell me a little more about where the plant was found, I might be able to make a better identification.

Hope this helps.


  1. Thank you so much Mme. Jamie Jamison Adams for the reply.
    you are right the plant 87 is a Sansevieria trifasciate and the one 97 is a Dracaena; it is a Dracaena marginata or a Dracaena draco.
    The plant 114 belong to the class of Bromeliaceae, Aechmea but I’m not sure if it is Aechmea racinae, Aechmea miniata, Aechmea caudata or others !!
    There is a cactus to identify, which number is 106, i’m not sure if comes to Opuntia brasiliensis or Opuntia Monacantha Monstruose or other !!
    The plant 79 is a Brighamia insignis.
    I will be waiting for your reply

    Attached Image: prickly pear.jpg

  2. Plant 79 I see that now – didn’t even think of that. May be one of the readers will be able to narrow the identifcations down for you.

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