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National Rose Month

It’s National Rose Month! Roses have long been used as symbols of love, beauty, war, and politics throughout history. Their beauty and underlying meanings make them the perfect addition to any bouquet.

History of National Rose Month

National Rose Month started in 1959 when efforts were made to make the rose the national flower of the United States. While National Rose Month started then, it wasn’t until 1986 that the rose was officially recognized as the national flower. This was due to President Ronald Reagan, who signed the resolution and proclaimed the rose as the national floral emblem of the White House. Since June has long been seen as the month for roses, especially with their popularity in weddings, it made sense for National Rose Month to happen in June.

Say it with Roses

Flowers are one of the best ways to tell someone how you feel, but roses, in particular, are known for the various emotions that they convey. Each color communicates a different message, making it easy to let someone know how you feel. Here are some of the most popular rose colors and the meanings they have:

White Roses

White roses have been seen as bridal roses for a long time, due to their representation of new beginnings, everlasting love, and young love. They can also represent purity, innocence, youthfulness, and eternal loyalty.


Red Roses

Probably the most popular and well-known rose, red roses can symbolize passion, true love, and desire. They’re the perfect way to say “I love you,” and are the most common type of rose to be sent.


Peach Roses

Peach roses can mean numerous things, like modesty, authenticity, sincerity, gratitude, and sympathy. They can also be used to say “thank you” and are good to send when closing a business deal.


Orange Roses

With their fiery color, orange roses stand for desire, fascination, energy, admiration, and excitement. They can say “I am so proud of you,” which makes them perfect for celebrations. Know a recent graduate? Send them orange roses to celebrate their achievements!


Yellow Roses

Their bright and cheerful color not only looks happy, but it also symbolizes positivity. Yellow roses are known to represent friendship, joy, caring, warmth, and delight. They can also be used to say “good luck,” “welcome back,” and “remember me.” Yellow roses are the perfect flower to send to a friend!

Roses are beautiful and meaningful. They’re the perfect way to convey your feelings and emotions to the ones that matter. Celebrate National Rose Month with a bouquet of roses! Order some today!

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