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No New Baby Flowers? You’ve GOT To Be Kidding Me!

My brother’s son was born on June 22nd. It was a bit earlier than we’d expected but we were all happy to finally have him here! I left work and raced to the hospital about an hour away. I found out their room number and walked in. I was expecting “New Baby” flowers, balloons, baby gift baskets, etc. Something! Anything! What did I find?? Nothing!


I was surprised, a little embarassed because I hadn’t been able to call ahead for a gift delivery, and quite unimpressed with the calibre of friends who would just show up empty handed for no reason! My sister had already been there and brought lunch. My other brother wanted to wait til they made it home to visit. All sets of parents were acting like normal grandparents. I showed up with camera in hand and expected to have to push away gifts to get a shot of the baby. Unfortunately, no. Ugh.

There is a happy ending. I moved an hour and a half away on the baby’s one week birthday. Not wanting to leave without seeing my nephew, I visited him and his parents the day before. Come to find out, their house was filled with baby stuff and baby gifts. Much to my surprise, a bouquet of new baby flowers was on the kitchen counter. I was shocked and appalled that no one had considered baby gifts when we were at the hospital. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that someone had taken the time to have new baby flowers delivered with a stuffed animal. It was adorable!

I know for sure that the next time one of my friends or family has a baby, I will call ahead and have flowers delivered. I do NOT want to repeat that experience.

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