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New Spin On An Old Scam:Florist Beware

Just a warning, this scam is going around again and has a bit of a new twist. Florists should beware of any email or phone call wanting the florist to provide large orders that will be picked up by a private shipper. Below is the scam email florists are receiving.

[SCAM MESSAGE] Thank you,I need 7 bottles and I need to know the total cost for the 7
bottles without shipping cost.Kindly let me know if I can possible
have my private shipper do a pick up for the items at your store.Do
you accept major credit cards?
Thank you once again.

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  1. Miles Johnson says:

    At one time last summer, I was receiving up to 3 TDD Relay calls (phone system for the hard of hearing) a week with this same scam. I have never received a TDD Relay call that wasn’t an attempt at fraud. I ended up with very little patience with these types of phone calls and, while I would never refuse one as this would be in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, I cut them very short when they began reading the same script I had heard dozens of times.

    Unfortunately, the operators on these calls are prohibited by law from letting you know that this is a scam. They could easily edit out these phone calls as some TDD Relay operations have (mostly the Canadian operated companies). As long as the government pays them for each call ($1.29 per minute) even if they know it is likely an attempt at defrauding an American company by a foreign national, they have no incentive not to pass these calls on to small business owners who really have better things to do.

    Just today I received another email attempting this same scam. I replied back that I would be happy to help them, provided the total and politely informed them that paying their shipper would be their own responsibility. I never heard anything back. Can’t imagine why…

  2. I also recieved these calls and Told them I suspected it to be a scam and was hung up on all three times. How stupid do they think we are anyway? DUH!

  3. We have also received several of these calls, a couple in the last couple weeks. We used to provide a total & requested they pay for the shipper themselves. Now we just refuse the call after the first line of “I need several large arrangements”. They must think our industry is really stupid.

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