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Beautiful Wedding Flower Pictures

Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

The wedding season is here, and brides-to-be across the country are busily planning the details of their nuptials. From the gowns to the food, from the invitations to the music…. and including, of course, the flowers…. careful decisions are being made which will assure a beautiful and memorable event. It is, after all, meant to be a once in a lifetime experience, and every detail must be perfect.

The Right Wedding Bouquet For Photographs

But no matter how lovely a wedding may be, the fact is that once the festivities are over, it will be the pictures of the event which remain as a permanent record of all those beautiful wedding flowers. Thus, it’s very important to choose bouquets and other floral decorations which will be seen to their best advantage in photographs. A professional florist who has experience in designing for the camera can be an invaluable ally in making sure that your wedding flower pictures are just as beautiful as were the flowers themselves.

The Camera ‘Sees’ Things Differently

Remember that a camera lens “sees” things differently than a human eye… For example, a camera does not perceive depth as well as a person can. For that reason, open spaces within a bouquet should be exaggerated in order to keep the flowers from appearing as one big blob in the photographs.

Dealing With Flash

Flash photography can make the problem even worse, as the bright flash of light tends to flatten out the subject being photographed. This is especially true when dealing with monochromatic (all one color) combinations of flowers. By carefully combining a variety of textures within the bouquet, which will create an interplay of light and shadow, a professional floral designer can compensate for the flash effect and help ensure that the wedding flower pictures will be exquisite.

For instance, hydrangea blossoms, with their rounded form and fluffy, soft texture, have become very popular wedding flowers in recent years. Combine them with velvety-petaled roses or waxy, star shaped stephanotis flowers, and you’ll have the beginnings of a picture perfect bouquet. The variety and contrast among the forms and textures of these flowers will help them stand out from each other in photographs.

Pink Wedding Bouquet

Dark Flowers

Color is an important consideration for wedding flower pictures as well. Keep in mind that dark, receding hues such as burgundies, purples, blues and deep greens can appear black in photographs, and may turn out looking like black holes in a floral arrangement or bouquet which was gorgeously colored in real life. Appropriate lighting and a skilled photographer can help compensate for this difficulty. Still, it’s a good idea to anticipate the problem beforehand and work with your local florist to create wedding designs which are easier to photograph.

Visit our gallery of wedding flower pictures to see images of all kinds of wedding- appropriate blossoms and blooms. Then consult your professional florist for expert assistance in creating a beautiful and memorable event…. one which will live forever in superb pictures as well as in the hearts and minds of your guests.

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