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Grab a Bunch of Glads!

Cut flowers are a quick and simple way to brighten up your home or work environment, and summer is a wonderful time to take advantage of the abundance of fresh cut blossoms which are available in local flower shops right now. Lots of varieties are plentiful during the warm season, and many florists are offering “cash-and-carry” specials on flowers by the bunch, including such summertime favorites as roses, lilies, and gladioli.

What MakesĀ Gladiolus Great

Orange GladiolusIn fact, glads are very affordable in many parts of the country at this time of year, and their popularity as an interior accent is growing. They are compatible with any decor, from classic to contemporary, and one may select from a nearly endless range of hues. There is probably no other flower which offers such long-lasting color and large-scale impact at such a reasonable price.

A bunch of gladioli simply dropped into a tall, clear vase makes a dramatic statement in any room of the house. Alternatively, glads can be arranged into a charming topiary style centerpiece design.

History of Gladiolus

The name “gladiolus” comes from the Latin word for “sword” and is a reference to the flower’s long, spear-like shape. Hence the term “gladiator” for the fighting swordsmen of the ancient Roman arena.

Gladioli florets naturally open at a gradual pace, from the bottom of the stem to top, which allows for a long vase life. Spent flowers at the bottom of the stalk should be removed as soon as they begin to wither in order to keep the stems healthy and looking fresh. Should you prefer that more of the florets be open at one time (if, for example, you want them to look their showiest for a special party or event), remove the top two or three unopened buds from the stem. Doing so removes a chemical growth inhibitor in the tip, which keeps the flowers from opening too quickly, thus permitting more rapid development of the blooms (this same technique also works with other line flowers which open from the bottom up, including snapdragon, larkspur, and freesia).

For Long-lasting Gladiolus Blooms…

Naturally, as with any cut flowers, a bit of extra care goes a long way toward keeping gladioli at their best. Place the flowers in a clean, sanitized container. Use specially prepared floral nutrient solution, provided by your professional florist, in lukewarm water, and replenish or replace the mixture frequently. Using a sharp knife and slicing at an angle, cut off the bottom inch or so from the stems when you first bring them home and every few days thereafter. This procedure eliminates any blockages and encourages the uptake of water. Keep the flowers out of drafts and away from ripening fruit, which produces damaging ethylene gas.

Visit your local florist today. With such color, drama, and longevity, all at an economical price, you’ll want to bring home a bunch of gladioli every week!

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