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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Flowers

July 15th, 2007 | By: Kelly Curtis

Did you know that wedding flowers are not just restricted to the day of the wedding? Wedding flowers can be used to usher in the wedding rehearsal dinner. Wedding rehearsal flowers are often used the next day, for both the wedding ceremony and the reception. Changing the floral arrangements for the next day can be as simple as adding accent flowers to coordinate with the theme of the wedding. Floral experts can utilize the floral arrangements and decorations in various imaginative and stylish ways for the entire wedding event.
Gerbera Vases for Hors D'oeuvre Table Picture by Stephen Smith Florists'Review
Flowers at the wedding rehearsal dinner allow for interesting and inviting floral decorations. Floral arrangements and decorations for the rehearsal dinner can easily be utilized in several locations. Consider the entry hall or foyer, and the room or rooms that will be used for the dinner. Other decorated locations can be the hors d’oeuvre tables, dining tables, buffet tables and even, in the restrooms. The wedding rehearsal flowers can set the tone of the rehearsal dinner. Whether choosing large formal arrangements or casual clusters of loosely gathered flowers, the beauty of flowers, plants, fruits, candles and containers can enhance this special occasion.

The wedding rehearsal dinner is a wonderful time to visit with the families of the bride and groom. The rehearsal dinner may be a small, intimate affair or a large party. Today, there is no limit as to who may be invited to this occasion. Invitations may be issued to the immediate family and the wedding party, or expanded to also include close friends and out of town guests. The rehearsal dinner is usually held the night before the wedding and has traditionally been hosted by the parents of the groom. This trend is beginning to change however, because many of today’s brides and grooms are older than in previous generations. Now, in many instances, the couple hosts the wedding rehearsal dinner. Yet, no matter who hosts the rehearsal dinner, this is the time to create a welcoming atmosphere for the invited guests. Your floral decorations are an extension of your hospitality.


Centerpiece Photo by Stephen Smith Florists' Review
When using floral decorations, remember that the guests sitting at the dining tables want to have a chance to visit. Avoid heavily-scented and shedding flowers that may cause allergic reactions. Table centerpieces should not obstruct the view of those dining. Floral centerpieces and decorations should either be low enough that guests can see over the top of the arrangement, or be tall enough that the decorations do not impede the guests’ view.

Flowers on the hors d’oeuvre tables, serving tables and buffet tables should provide visual treats. Floral experts are able to incorporate beautiful centerpieces and decorations that compliment, not detract from, the food.


The flowers chosen for your wedding rehearsal dinner may be as formal or casual as the theme and the budget of the event. Discuss with your florist the style or the look you want. Don’t hesitate to talk about what you like, and what you don’t like. Have pictures of flowers, centerpieces, bouquets and other decorations. Talk about the location, the menu and the number of guests. An experienced florist can help create the appropriate atmosphere for this important time, as well as help you avoid costly mistakes.


Based on the theme of the rehearsal dinner, the floral decorations may be contemporary or traditional. Exotic flowers are easier to order than they were previously, although they are oftentimes still very expensive. However, many exotic flowers have a long vase or display life.

More reasonably priced flowers can be found by selecting flowers that fall into two types of categories: Year-Round Flowers,or Seasonal Flowers. Here’s a quick selection guide:

Year-Round Flowers are easy to grow and are grown throughout year in greenhouses. Some of these flowers are carnations, baby’s breath, daisies, lilies, ivy, roses, gardenias, orchids, delphinium, and bachelor’s button.

Seasonal Flowers are easily accessible at particular times of the year. Your florist will help coordinate the theme of the wedding rehearsal dinner with seasonal flowers. The following are just a few of the choices available. You can check with a professional florist to find out more.

  • Spring Flowers are cherry blossoms, dogwood, forsythia, daffodils, jonquils, tulips, lilies, lilacs, iris, larkspur, peonies and violets
  • Summer Flowers are Queen Anne’s lace, daisies, asters, geraniums, calla lilies, hydrangeas, and roses.
  • Fall Flowers are chrysanthemums, marigolds, Shasta daisies, and zinnias.


Candle Centerpiece provided by Stephen Smith Florists' Review
The soft glow of candle light is not only flattering, but also creates a warm and inviting setting. The use of candles in floral centerpieces, arrangements and decorations are almost limitless. Possibilities range from tall and stately candelabrums, to floating candles used in interesting containers, or votive candles interspersed in arrangements. Battery operated; candles can be displayed where traditional candles may not be used. And, battery operated lights can also be incorporated in floral arrangements and in decorations.
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