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Your Holiday Helper

It’s A Jolly Holiday With Florists

The events of the holiday season seem to be a whirlwind of affairs for most individuals these days. Party after party, gift after gift; the holiday happenings come and go so quickly that in the end we are left worn out and unorganized. Ideally, we would all hire a personal assistant when the first holiday of the celebration season rolled around to decorate for the parties, buy our presents, and send our holiday “thank you” gifts. However, this does happen to be the real world and such fantasies are unattainable for the majority of the human race. Still, there is one person that can be of assistance during this hectic time of year: your local florist.

Not only do florists create beautiful floral masterpieces for the smallest and largest of occasions, but they also organize delivery of these floral arrangements, leaving you calm and cool through an otherwise chaotic time of year. The key to a smooth holiday season is sitting down with your florist ahead of time, explaining desired holiday decorations, flower arrangements, special gifts for delivery, appropriate floral arrangements and plants for certain holidays, and most importantly—getting organized.

Take The Fright Out of Halloween…Sort of

Halloween Topiary with orange lilies, mums and mini pumpkin
Starting off the seasonal chaos we call “the holidays” is Halloween. Although Halloween is a holiday celebrated most enthusiastically by children, adults do have their fair share of fun dressing up in ridiculous costumes once a year. Your local florist has both covered. For the younger ghosts and goblins, a hand delivered assortment of Halloween balloons tied neatly to a gift basket filled with junk food favorites is sure to be a hit. For the adult costume parties, have your local florist design some spooky, fresh flower centerpieces accented with stringy spider webs and black plastic spiders. This will be sure to set the mood for a creepy Halloween gathering. Potted chrysanthemums, or “mums” to most, are traditional fall plants that are great for pots or to plant in the ground. For yourself or a special someone, mums are perfect fall décor for any home.

Thankful for Thanksgiving

This is the holiday we show appreciation and thanks for the friends and family in our lives and what better way to do that than to send someone special a beautiful fall flower arrangement with a nice note attached. Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to send your old friend a nice festive table centerpiece for the family to enjoy during Thanksgiving dinner, or send your grandmother a beautiful fall arrangement to warm her heart during the cool brisk days of autumn. All of these thoughtful gestures can be arranged and fulfilled by your local florist whether down the street or across the world, leaving you stress free and able to spend time with the people closest to your heart on this Thanksgiving holiday.

Chaotic Christmas

Christmas Flower Arrangement with White and Red Flowers.
Ah, Christmas—possibly the most chaotic time of the year for anyone who celebrates the season or provides a service to the public during this time of year. Running to the grocery store, preparing Christmas dinner, and getting ready for the hundreds of parties is quite a handful unless you are a superhero. Most barely have time to think about; much less fulfill desires to send a little Christmas something to a neighbor or a friend that lives far away.

By the time the thought of gift giving rolls around many people assume that it is too late or don’t know how to go about sending a gift to friends and loved ones far away. This is where a local florist comes into the picture. A florist can usually get a flower arrangement or holiday gift basket to a local resident within the day, sometimes even hours depending on the size of the arrangement, and with just a couple of days notice can get one sent across the world. Whether it is a Christmas wreath, poinsettia, Christmas cactus, or just a pretty holiday arrangement, your local florist can arrange deliveries to anywhere in the world.

Make sure you get your flower arrangement orders in to your local florist early this year to be sure no one is forgotten and than everything is handled stress-free.

Hectic Hanukkah

A flower arrangement makes a lovely gift for any holiday but is especially appropriate for the celebration of Hanukkah. The bright colors of the fresh flowers spread joy and happiness throughout the house for everyone to enjoy. Hanukkah is called the Festival of Light by many. A beautiful table centerpiece arranged with brightly colored flowers is a very appropriate gift for someone who celebrates this holiday. Some may prefer to give the traditional blue and white floral bouquet or table centerpiece, reflecting the colors of Hanukkah. However, others may choose to create a floral bouquet using a color scheme or theme of fresh flowers.

It is very important to choose fresh flowers that will last for seven to 10 days when discussing with your florist the type of flowers you want in the Hanukkah arrangement. The Hanukkah celebration lasts for eight days, and flowers you send will be a cheerful addition to the seasonal decor if they live for the duration of the holiday celebration. Also, it is important to include a candle in your Hanukkah flower arrangement. Candles are lit every night during these festive days of celebration. Recipients can light the candle from the arrangement along with the menorah to help create a seasonal Hanukkah ambiance.

Ring In The New Years With Your Local Florist

New Years Flower Arrangement with white flowers and colored balls
To end the madness of the holiday hustle and bustle, we celebrate New Years Day. Most don’t think about gifts on this holiday. However, it might be the most thoughtful time to send a friend or family member something special to kick off the year. Small gifts or flower arrangements are perfect to wish a close friend “best wishes” for the New Year, and brighten up their day. Gift baskets filled with assorted goodies are great to send families or children for the New Year holiday as well.

Don’t forget to contact your local florist before the holiday duties become too overwhelming. They can assist you for your entire gift giving needs from Halloween through New Years and all year long. To save your sanity one beautiful arrangement at a time, call your local florist today to make arrangements for a calm, cool, relaxing holiday season!

Contributor: Jordon Robinson

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