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November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum

Flowers are always a great gift for birthdays! In November, send their birth month flower—the chrysanthemum! Keep reading to see what makes mums unique:


Chrysanthemums are native to Asia and northeastern Europe, and their name comes from the Greek words “chrysos” and “anthemon,” which translate to “gold flower.” They are a member of the daisy family, along with zinnias and asters! The earliest writings about mums come from China in the 15th century B.C., where they were used as an herb that was believed to have the power of life. Their roots were used to help with headaches and petals were eaten in salads. It was first introduced to the United States during colonial times, and it is now the most widely grown potted plant in the country.

Flower Meaning

In the United States, mums generally symbolize friendship, happiness, and well-being. However, their meaning can vary based on the color:

  • White: Purity, honesty, and loyalty
  • Red: Love and passion
  • Pink: Friendship
  • Orange: Excitement and happiness
  • Yellow: Happiness and celebration
  • Green: Rebirth and good health
  • Violet: Thoughtfulness and care

Interesting Facts

  • Despite the positive associations of the chrysanthemum in the U.S., it is known as the “death flower” in European countries, where it is used as a memorial on graves.
  • Mums are the second most popular flower in the world, after roses.
  • Chrysanthemum tea is popular in parts of Asia.
  • A NASA study found that chrysanthemums reduce indoor air pollution.

Send a pot of chrysanthemums to someone born in November, or a beautiful arrangement featuring spider mums! Find a local florist to help you out today!

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