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The November Birth Month Flower Is *Drum Roll*

Want a unique gift? Don’t forget about birth month flowers. November is a festive month full of enjoyable fall weather and holidays. To play this up when giving a birthday gift try sending the November birth month flowers instead. And the November birth month flower is…

The mighty Chrysanthemum!

Buy Chrysanthemum From A Local Florist

Buy Chrysanthemums From A Local Florist

I’ve found that everything sounds better with a little grandeur or fanfare added. Add a dose of that to the enclosure card message and you have the best birthday gift you’ve ever given. Birth month flowers are unique and quirky which is perfect for the unique and quirky person you love!

Remember last year’s story about the November birth month flower? I can barely remember yesterday so here’s a recap. My grandfather’s birthday is exactly one month after mine. November 23rd rolls around each year and I struggle to find a gift for him now that he’s in his “80 somethings”.

80 years of birthday gifts is hard to top but last year my brother and sister joined me in creating a festive fall display for his new city home to make him feel more at ease. He’d farmed for over 70 years so the natural touch just outside the door made him perk up a lot. This year, we’re repeating the decorations in a different design and including chrysanthemums. The choice of flowers and plants is irrelevant to him but it makes us feel better for giving a truly unique gift. He’s just happy to have our outward affection.

Know someone like that? Whether sending a birthday gift to someone like my grandpa or to someone who requires fancy and unique gifts, chrysanthemum’s the word for November. Don’t forget to let us know how it turned out!

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