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Imagination Thrives At Oak Hill Florist In Scarborough ME

Creative Wedding Flowers from Oak Hill Florist

Creative Wedding Flowers Aplenty!

I love Oak Hill Florist! I’ll admit it. I’ve been a huge fan of their prom flowers, wedding flowers and blog since first learning about this Scarborough Maine flower shop a few years ago.

Working with florists is a large part of my job as is sifting through thousands of photos of flower arrangements every year. Even as jaded as I often become, my mouth still drops every time I see an arrangement from Oak Hill Florist. The creativity and sheer beauty that fills their flower arrangements is amazing! Every. Single. Time.

I was going through some prom flower photos recently and came across one from Oak Hill Florist in which a young man is displaying his “prom pocket square.” In lieu of a traditional boutonniere, this young man planned to grace his Scarborough prom by wearing a photo of his date on his tuxedo jacket where a pocket would be instead. The prom pocket square is accented at the top with flowers that add beauty while masking the mechanics. Having never seen this before, I was floored to say the least. It’s a great idea!

Prom Pocket Squares from Oak Hill Florist

Prom Pocket Squares from Oak Hill Florist

That’s the kind of creativity that you’ll see in every arrangement for every occasion when you use Oak Hill Florist. The florists here want to make sure that your occasion quickly becomes the most special night possible and that their flowers contribute to that magical evening in a huge way.

Whether going simple with a traditional flower arrangement or going to the hilt with something more extravagant, Oak Hill Florist is the place to go. It’s that simple. I’m sure I could go on for hours about their incredible wedding flowers, prom flowers, special occasion arrangements, gifts and all the rest but I’ll leave it with one quick statement.

Your heart deserves the happy reaction it’ll have when you visit Oak Hill Florist in Scarborough Maine!

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