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How Oklahoma’s State Flower Guarantees The Holiday Spirit All Year

When you have a state flower like Mistletoe (Phoradendron serotinum), you’re not likely to skip over celebrating one of the most crucial holidays of the year. For florists Christmas is a major holiday that always seems to bring something new each season. This year let the inspiration for your latest holiday flower arrangements come from the Oklahoma state flower. Liven up your Christmas flowers using what Oklahoma florists have found unceasing inspiration in for years.

Mistletoe photo courtesy of 50states.com

Mistletoe photo courtesy of 50states.com

Mistletoe is a funny little flower though many wouldn’t consider it a flower. Mistletoe grows on trees during the fall and winter. You can see its dark green leaves and bright white berries during the seasons when other flowers are falling away and leaves are making their last attempt at beauty before dormancy.

Of course, there’s the Christmas party tradition surrounding mistletoe. If two people stand under the mistletoe together, they are supposed to kiss one another. It’s fun to see who happens to land under the mistletoe. Some jokers make mistletoe hats to make the best (and a small joke) of the tradition. Either way, it’s fun and mistletoe’s most notable inclusion in the holiday.

Why not change that up a bit this season? Christmas flower arrangements need foliage. Can there BE a more perfect one than mistletoe? Take a tip from Oklahoma florists. Mistletoe has been a symbol of the state since before Oklahoma was even a state! Flowers with that kind of lasting impression can only be great inspiration for florists.

As the holiday season fast approaches, remember mistletoe this year as you hum “Jingle Bells” and prep a Christmas-themed arrangement.

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