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Once a Florist, Always a Florist

To describe floral design as an art form is to be expected. Those who are fortunate enough to be blessed with the skill of floral design often find that it is a deep-seeded passion that’s not easily walked away from. Linda Taylor, owner of Heartstrings Florist & Artisans in Dallas, Oregon, knows this from first-hand experience. Linda owned a flower shop from 1978 to 1992 in Sheridan, OR. She closed up to move to Alaska, but always felt something was missing.

In 2011, Linda finally returned to her passion of floral design. She designed a casket piece for one of her friend’s son, and the local mortuary took notice. They knew the town needed a florist, and that Linda would be an excellent fit. Linda decided to look for a location to put in a flower shop. It took some searching, but Linda found a storefront in the perfect place, right in downtown Dallas.

“When I opened up this shop, I took a deep breath and felt like I’d come back home to where I belonged.” – Linda, referring to her return to floral design.

While Heartstrings Florist & Artisans does not specialize in any specific type of design, they are very skilled. From funerals to weddings, they are able to design whatever their customers desire. They have a traditional style but do keep up with the trends. Linda says she was fortunate to find a designer that has a similar style to her own.

Linda receiving the Business of the Year Award. Pictured with Linda are JD Shinn (left) from the Dallas Chamber of Commerce and Mike Berks (right), who nominated Linda for the award.

Heartstrings Florist & Artisans was recently named business of the year by the Dallas Chamber of Commerce Community Awards. This is a very great honor for Linda and her employees. Linda is a very active member of her community and believes in giving back. In recent years, she has helped organize a turkey giveaway with other local merchants to help provide turkeys for a local food bank. She also participates in “Petal it Forward” and “Lonely Bouquet.”

Linda with her team which includes her son, Michael, and floral designer, Lilka McConnell.

When we asked Linda what her favorite thing about being a member of the floral industry is, this is what she told us, “Floral designers have a very special gift to share because not everyone can take a bunch of flowers and make something beautiful from them. We are artists and use our hands to make what we see in our minds through flowers. I love seeing the joy flowers bring to people when they receive them…immediate smiles across their faces. Knowing that the funeral pieces I make will bring comfort to the grieving and also a way for them to say goodbye to their loved ones makes me feel good inside. Helping a bride choose her wedding flowers is exciting because I am adding beauty to her wedding and this is a very special time in their lives that I’ve become a part of in a very small way. I love my customers that come in the shop!”

With a passion that shines bright, Linda and her team at Heartstrings Florist and Artisans are a welcome sight in their community. No matter the occasion, they are always happy to provide flowers that come from the heart.


  1. Such a great story. Thanks for sharing. I own a small flower shop in Battle Creek, MI and am striving to build our shop so we can give back to our community in many of these same ways. Keep up the good work!

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