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Outdoor Wedding Reception Flowers For June

Ask the Expert: my son is having an outdoor wedding reception

In June it will be very informal type BBQ outside. What suggestions would you have for some sort of floral arrangement that is both economical and able to stand the possibilities of say wind..etc that day? Her colors are black, white and a touch of orange. We thought of tiger lilies will they be in bloom by June 14th? Besides putting something in a vase that could blow over what else can we do? Thank you. Diane


  1. Diane,

    I would use a combination of fresh flowers, potted blooming plants and colorful foliage. I would have my florist create fresh floral arrangements containing gladiolus, gerberas, roses, alstroemeria, lilies and snapdragons along with pompom or spray mums, solidago, Queen’s Anne Lace. Work with your florist to balance the more expensive flowers with the less expensive flowers to create a cost-effective arrangement. Use the orange flowers as a focal points and white and yellow flowers along with interesting foliage as fillers. If you are worried about using vases have the florist design the arrangements in attractive containers or a floral foam base that the flowers can hide. The weight of the water in the container should keep the flowers from blowing over.

    You can also use potted plants like blooming azaleas, hibiscus and gerberas. You can use attractive potted foliage plants like caladiums and Crotons. The potted plants can be dress-up by the florist or wedding reception decorator for a more stylish presentation. For a little cost-saving trick give the potted plants and flowers away as your wedding favors. Congratulations and good luck.

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