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Peace Lily Blooms a Little Green instead of White

Ask the Expert: I have a question and was in hope you could help me. I have a peace lily and it is beautiful. It blooms continous but the blooms are always a light green instead of white. What can I do to change to white? Thank you. Patrick


  1. Patrick,

    There are many rules of thought on this subject. First are the blooms ever white? If they start out white and become light green, then the spathe (hood around the spadix) is simply deteriorating.

    Some people believe that the spathe (what looks like the bloom) will turn green when the plant has been pollinated.

    I am not sure what causes the greening. Light levels, fertilizer and water could all contribute to this problem. Give it a light fertilizer every week from spring to fall. Keep it moderately moist throughout the year; except winter when water can be reduced a little. If the light level it receives is extremely low try a little more light. De-heading may help. Remove any blooms that are spent. Following the bloom stem to the base of the plant and cut it off.

  2. My outdoor peace lily is also getting green blooms. The plant looks healthy and is growing but flowers are green. This just started happening a few weeks ago. A smaller peace lily planted right next to it doesn’t have this problem. It could be too much rain at one time, too much afternoon Florida heat or both. Whatever it is, the plant next to it is not having the same reaction.

  3. Can you send a picture, so I can see if it is the natural delcine in the bloom or something else?

  4. Do grow lights help peace lilys?

  5. Aynsley Broom says:

    Hi William,
    Because Peace Lilies like low indirect light, this might work. Just be sure not to expose them to too much light.