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Peace Lily Light Requirements

Ask the Expert: Peace Lily – Lighting shade or brighter light? I’ve read conflicting care info specifically light requirements for the peace lily. One plant book says bright indirect light, another source says low light. Mine currently is receiving low light- does it need more? No signs of yellow leaves. SLS


The great thing about Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) is that it can take both bright indirect light and low light levels. I have noticed that in low light levels it tends to stretch and may not be a full as it is in bright indirect light. The important question for you is “Does my plant look healthy and green?”. If your answer is yes then your lighting is fine. If it doesn’t – rule out pests, fertilizer and watering problems before you change the light exposure.


  1. Yvette Woodward says:

    Piece of my peace lily plant broke off, is there any way that I can save this and have another plant?

  2. Jamie Woods says:

    If there is a root attached to the portion that broke off, you can grow a new plant. If it is just a leaf or section of stem, it is highly unlikely that it will root and grow a new plant.

  3. Nancy McCoy-Cohen says:

    Some of the leaves are yellow and some black and somewhat chewed up. What am I doing wrong?
    Should I be cutting off the chewed up black leaves or the ones with holes and look like some
    kind of pest has been chewing on it. I’ve had it inside for the past two months so I wouldn’t think
    any kind of insects would have access to it.

  4. Jamie Woods says:

    I would remove any damaged leaves. It sounds like you have definitely have some type of pest. Take a look at all of the leaves and stems with a magnifying glass, paying close attention to the undersides of the leaves.

  5. Jerusha Shavers says:

    MY peace lily keeps drooping about every two days , I am wounding if it needs to be repotted

    j Shavers

  6. Jamie Woods says:

    If you are keeping it watered and it continues to droop, this is an indication that it is time to repot.

  7. PJ Rumphol says:

    My peace Lilly has suddenly developed black leaves. I routinely water and lightly fertilize every week. Now I am cutting off the black leaves as soon as I see them. Would it help if I repoted it or sprayed it with Neem Oil? Any suggestions as to how to save it would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Aynsley Broom says:

    Hi PJ,
    “There are 3 things that can cause peace lilies to turn black.

    The first is a water issue – too much or too little. With water the leaves turn brown first then black.

    The second is exposure to an extreme temperature change. Exposure to extreme cold will turn the peace lily leaves black. Exposure to extreme heat or sunlight usually causes a yellow/brownish discoloration before it becomes black.

    The third is a fungus called Phytophthora (aerial blight). With this fungus you need to keep water off the foliage – that is how the fungus spreads. You may need to treat both the soil and the foliage with a fungicide. Check with your local nursery & garden center for the appropriate fungcide.” From: https://www.flowershopnetwork.com/blog/what-causes-black-leaves-on-a-peace-lily/