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Peace Lily On The Move

Ask the Expert: moving to Illinois from Baton Rouge,La



  1. Don,

    With a little planning your can successfully move your peace lily, but it will go through a bit of process. First water make sure the peace lily has been watered before you leave baton rouge. You want the soil to be moist not soggy for the trip. If possible transport the peace lily in the interior of the car where the temperature will be more consistent. If you can’t transport it in the interior try to place it where the temperature will not become extremely cold or hot. When you stop for the night and the local weather overnight forecast is under forty five take the peace lily inside with you or make sure that it has insulation around it like a towel. Usually if you have packed it in a U-haul or trunk with other things, the other items will act as insulation. When you arrive at your destination place the peace lily in the same environment it was in Baton Rouge. Do keep it out of any air drafts. Your peace lily will start to show signs of shock. Don’t panic! Leave it alone and water it only when the soil starts to dry out and don’t fertilize for a couple of weeks. In a couple of weeks you peace lily will have acclimated to its new location.

  2. Can I separate my lily? The plant has filled up the pot.

  3. Jamie Woods says:

    You can separate your lily or move it to a larger pot. However, peace lilies like being slightly root bound, so unless it is beginning to lift out of the container or the roots are growing out of the drainage holes in the bottom, transplanting may not be necessary. If you decide to separate your lily, you will need to remove the plant from its container and examine it. Use a sharp knife that has been cleaned with rubbing alcohol and cutting a smaller section (or baby plant) away from the mother plant. The section you cut should have foliage and enough roots to support that foliage.