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Personalities and Flowers: The Mediator (INFP)

The Mediator is creative and kind. They have a deep sense of empathy and idealism. They may seem quiet and shy on the outside but can be vibrant and passionate on the inside. Looking for the perfect flowers to send an INFP? We know just the ones!


Mediators tend to be quiet, open-minded, and imaginative. They are a rare personality type, leading them to sometimes feel misunderstood or out of step with the world. They have a caring nature which helps them to create and sustain deep relationships with their loved ones. Mediators value authenticity, empathy, and harmony, usually acting with the best intentions. They are capable of great empathy and can communicate in ways that are sensitive, original, and moving. Mediators often want to help everyone they can, but have a tendency to daydream and fantasize rather than act. 


  • Thoughtful
  • Generous 
  • Open-Minded
  • Creative
  • Passionate 
  • Loyal to Their Values


  • Overly Idealistic 
  • Self-Critical 
  • Impractical 
  • Emotionally Driven 
  • Conflict-Averse 
  • Difficult to Get to Know

Their Perfect Flower

Mediators are generous and caring, much like gladiolus. Gladiolus can look shy and subdued at first glance but are bursting with color and vibrance, much like INFPs. They symbolize generosity, sincerity, strength of character, faithfulness, and honor, making them the perfect flower for INFPs. Does this sound just like someone you know? Send the INFP in your life a gorgeous arrangement with gladiolus! They’ll love the thought you put into it and the stunning work done by your local florist.

Myers-Briggs Personality Types

For the uninitiated, the Myers-Briggs Personality Types are 16 different kinds of personalities based on qualities each person possesses: Introverted or Extroverted (I or E), Sensing or Intuitive (S or N), Thinking or Feeling (T or F), and Judging or Perceiving (J or P). An assessment of questions determines your type and can help you get to know yourself better and to understand why you behave in certain ways, how you view the world, and how you interact with others. Take a free version of the test here.

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