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How To: Personalize Your Mother’s Day Bouquet

No one knows you better than Mom, and the inverse rings true, too! Our moms are special, wonderful people whose personalities have been with us since the beginning. So, why not include a touch of Mom’s personality when sending a floral arrangement this Mother’s Day? It’s amazingly simple to add a touch of personality for a Mother’s Day bouquet that says, “Mom, I got this for you.

To get started, contact your local florist to discuss your options. Adding something special to your mother’s arrangement can be as small as adding her favorite candy or getting creative with the container. Here are a few ideas:

Mother’s Day Collectible Gifts:

Is your mom an avid collector? If so, you and your florist can come up with a great way to incorporate any number of things, from brooches to tea pots. A skilled florist can find a way to mix in small items or arrange flowers in unconventional containers. For example, for a mother who collects tea pots, you can ask your florist to build their arrangement inside a lovely tea pot. Imagine how thrilled your mother would be to receive a stunning bouquet, as well as an addition to her prized collection!

Stamps, thimbles and countless other trinkets can be added with ease to a variety of arrangements. Collaborate with your florist to find the perfect idea for your mom! Trust me, the extra effort will be worth it!

The Perfect Color For Your Mother:

This is an easy one! What is your mother’s favorite color? My mother likes red, so naturally, I would choose red flowers and accessories when designing my arrangement. Add colored beads, ribbon and other details to add some pizazz to your arrangement. Don’t be afraid to go monochromatic: it’s modern and chic! The variety of textures in a monochromatic arrangement captivates the eyes in a new and exciting way!

Another great idea is to choose birth month flowers to represent each of your mother’s children. Follow this handy birth month flower guide to create a custom arrangement to represent those lucky enough to call your mother, “Mom.” Consider adding a card that explains the flowers and who in the family they represent. This colorful bouquet will be a exquisite reminder of how much your mom means to your family.

Mothers Adore Photos:

Adding family photos to bouquet is another wonderful way to personalize your Mother’s Day bouquet. Bring a handful of your mother’s cherished photos to your local florist and ask her to incorporate them into the arrangement. Include photos of your kindergarten graduation, your brother’s childhood toothless grin or photos of your entire family. You know your mother better than anyone, so choose photos you know matter most to her. You really can’t go wrong!

Another interpretation of this trend is creating a generational bouquet with flowers of your mother, her mother and your great-grandmother. This honors all the cherished mothers in your family and reminds your mother of the important place she holds.

Adding photos is a great way to personalize an arrangement if your mother lives far away, as photos can be sent to local florists all over the country. The extra effort will go a long way when letting your mother know how much you appreciate all that she has done for your family.

mothers-day-arrangement-with-candyMoms Love Candy:

Adding candy or other edibles to an arrangement is a growing trend in floral design. By adding your mother’s favorite candy to an arrangement, you’re creating a bouquet to please all of the senses! Your florist will know the best way to incorporate candy bars, apples or whatever else your mother may like.

Use this as an opportunity to get creative! For example, for mother who is a teacher, incorporating apples into a bouquet would be a charming way to pay tribute to her profession while sending a one-of-a-kind bouquet to make her day.

Trust your florist to incorporate your ideas in a way that is pleasing to the eye. There are many ways to make your creative ideas come to life! However, this isn’t a last minute call. Take the time to plan ahead to ensure your Mothers Day bouquet worthy of the one who has done so much for you.

Mothers’ hobbies vary as much as their personalities. You know your mother better than anyone. Choose one thing to add to an arrangement that speaks to who your mother is and what she means to you. Taking the time to personalize a Mother’s Day arrangement will let her know how much you love her for her.

Teapot picture courtesy of Creative Commons

Photo Bouquet courtesy of Mary Jane’s Flowers and Gifts in Berlin New Jersey

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