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Kids Love Flowers Too! Send A Surprise With Personalized Flowers

Sending flowers to the people you love has always been a great way of showing that you care – it’s a tradition that is loved by many all over the world. Who doesn’t  love a luscious bouquet brought to our doorstep with a little note saying ‘I Love you’ or ‘Happy Birthday’? It is a thoughtful gift that will always bring a smile.

Kids Love Flowers Too!

It’s a great gift idea for a child that is too far to visit, in school all day or just for the kid who loves a fun surprise! You hear a knock at the door – “Sweetie, it’s for you” hollers the parent as the child runs to the front door to see a bright arrangement of happy-go-lucky flowers with their name one it! Who wouldn’t squeal with delight?!?

Personalized Flower Arrangements for Super Smiles!

When choosing flowers for your kid-o, make sure to include their favorite characters, themes, or sports. Your cookie-monster would flip for a little monster of their own – made of flowers!

Little Monsters - Flowers For Kids

And, the girly girl, who loves everything pink will be walking on air when she receives a bright pink vase of flowers with butterflies, fairies and everything PINK! You just can’t go wrong with flowers!

Fairy Flowers

Your soccer-stud will get a kick when he sees his soccer ball-themed flowers and soccer ball balloon. Or how about a little cheerleader bud vase for your cheer-star!?

Cheerleader Flowers - Novelty Flowers


Flower shops are often equipped with different toys, balloons, candies, snack foods and creative containers for kid’s flower arrangements. Which makes the gift of flowers even more fun! Call your florist and tell them your idea for a custom flower arrangement for your child, you might be surprised just what your florist can do! Your florist might have even more creative ideas for kid’s flowers!

No one knows your kid better than you, think out side the box and surprise them with something truly personal!

Sending flowers to a child at school for their birthday is one idea that is sure to inspire a few ‘ooos and aahhhs’ from other classmates, making your birthday star feel extra special! (Some schools have different restrictions on gifts, so it’s a good idea to call ahead before making the arrangements with your florist.)

So, on your little someone’s special day, make sure to send some flowers their way!

Adorable bud vases created by Eldon Haab AIFD at the Illinois State Florist Convention!

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